Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today has been our coldest June day in over ten years aparently
It sure feels like it
I started quilting Grandsons Draught horse quilt
It is a queen size quilt and has to be finished by the 30th of July which is his 17th birthday
I best get at it
Some more siggys

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  1. It's good quilting weather Illene. Good luck with it.

    Lovely siggy's. My favorite is "Pooh" I don't have him :-(

  2. I love your siggy's I just started collecting them, I got my first on yesterday.

    Enjoy the cold weather snuggle under a quilt. ;)

    Or come to Texas, it is hot right now.

  3. Is June your coldest month there, or is it colder in July and August yet? Your grandson is going to love that quilt! :0)

  4. Yes - new look is great - clever stuff there! Sorry it is cold - very hot here! Phew.............
    Quilting best done in cozy warmth - looking good...
    I too love the Phoo siggie....

  5. Had my letters all mixed up there! lol Pooh not Phoo.... Sorry Christopher Robin!

  6. Good luck finishing that quilt!

  7. Your "Siggies" a delightful! So much fun swapping with new friends from all over the world--thanks to Annelies!
    Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa

  8. Hi Illene, looking forward to seeing your grandsons quilt...you must have quite a collection of siggies now.....hugs lyn

  9. wonderful siggies! :) and can't wait to see your quilt! I've enjoyed catching up with you today. I somehow missed the journal cover. Very lovely! XO

  10. It is cold hey? Your DGS's quilt is going to look great I reckon. Thanks for stopping by and making me feel better about my wonky D9P. Hugs Naomi

  11. You're getting quite a collection of siggies, doesn't it make checking the mail so much fun? Your grandson has the same birthday as me! I'm sure you'll have the quilt done by then.

  12. the quilt looks like a big job
    cant wait see it

  13. Hello Illene,

    Great siggies you are getting. Your quilt looks like it is turning out well. Happy sewing.