Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I received my PIF gift from Terry today
Those of you who follow Terrys Blog will have seen this gorgeous bag there
And now it is mine I love it The colours are perfect and her workmanship is lovely
She also made me a siggy for my collection and she sent me some color catchers
She had mentioned them on her Blog I had never seen them before so she kindly sent me some
I went to Melbourne to see Lorraine yesterday
Stayed the night at my sisters house
Lorraine looked terrible Cant breathe without oxygen
The doctor came while I was there She said they hope her lungs will get back to the way they were before the OP
I certainly hope so or she will have gone through all this for nothing
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Friday, July 23, 2010

More siggies and lorraines op

Here are my latest siggies
Still need a few more before I can put them together
The draught horse quilt is finished well in time for his birthday next week
It is big so I am going to get someone to hold it up for me to get a good photo
Lorraine had her Op yesterday in Melbourne
Just spoke to Jim
She is still in Intensive Care and feeling sick , but she often feels sick, and the pain is manageable at the moment
Iam off to walk her dogs shortly
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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Our faithful and much loved Bella came into our lives on July 8th 1996 and left us 14 years later on July 15th 2010
In all those years she was Hubbys constant companion
She chose him as her friend when she was given to us by our girls all those years ago
He didnt want another dog but Bell decided he was the one and never left his side
She is so missed
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


About once a month a group of friends and myself get together for a craft day
Usually we make cards because that is what most of my friends prefer to do
However last Saturday we made boxes using cardboard and material
They turned out really nicely and well worth the extra effort
My Mum has gone away for a holiday with her sister She is doing really well Only the pressure sores on her heels are giving her trouble
Lorraine has not been well Has been having to have her lung drained every four or five days
Not a very pleasant procedure
The Doctors have now decided to glue the lung to stop the fluid build up
Aparently not a pleasant operation either but necessary
She will have to stay in Hospital in Melbourne for a little while
She is booked in for Thursday the 22nd
Please pray for her

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Monday, July 12, 2010


While I had the grandchildren for the school holidays I didn't get to work on the draught horse quilt because I dont want Brendan to see it before his birthday.
During that time I made a quilt for my friend Bianca for her birthday on Wednesday and also for a thankyou for painting the horses for me
I had the nine patches left over from a previous project
Anthony had his birthday during the holidays and his cowboy quilt was a big hit
He loved it so I was happy
Today I have to clean the house Not much housework got done while the kids were here
Hopefully I will get some time to get out into the garden today as well
It looks like being a nice day
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

School Holidays

Have had the Grandchildren here for much of the school holidays while their Mum is at work
The weather hasn't been the best so they have managed to entertain themselves inside
Poor Bella I think she will be happy when her life returns to normal
She is far to old for these games
The doll is mine She came to me when I was about four so that makes her about 56 years old
The cushion I made some time ago using a photo of Bella and the computer
I havent been able to do much on the quilt as it is a surprise for Bren's birthday
Will have to get stuck into it after the holidays
Time is running out

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