Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How Sweet is That

Today I had to go to a friends funeral She was only 51
Needless to say I was feeling a bit down, but when Hubby collected the mail I received a lovely surprise which Cheered me up no end
Just look what the gorgeous Maria from Life on the Block sent me to keep me entertained while I recuperate from my knee surgery
Thank you so much Maria
I will enjoy stitching this
Bloggers are the best
Hugs for you sweet Maria

Monday, October 19, 2015

A little win and post op news

I was the lucky October winner of Cheryll's FNWF
Look at this lovely parcel of goodies
 that was waiting for me when I came home from hospital
The best medicine that made me smile
thank you so much Cheryll
I have very little black in my stash so this is perfect
My Op last Monday went very well
I was up walking with a frame hours after surgery and walking with crutches the very next day
The pain I had before surgery seems to be gone Now it is mainly stiffness around the knee which is very swollen
I had three nights in hospital and home on the fourth day
Taking it easy Little walks, some exercises then iceing the knee afterwards
The days are long, but Iam getting better each day Have to go for physio tomorrow
Hubby is looking after me well

Friday, October 9, 2015

Monday Means a New Knee for Me

On Monday Iam getting a new knee
While Iam not looking forward to the operation it will be so nice to be pain free
I finished the Charity quilt our group made
Not sure what the girls are going to do with it What Charity I mean
Finished another block in the block of the month
A very dear friend knitted this teddy for me for my birthday
Would it be to sooky to take her to hospital with me?
If I do not Blog over the weekend I will talk to you all when I come home from hospital

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Friday nights sewing with virtual friends is always something to look forward to
night I again joined Cheryll and friends for some stitching enjoyment
The weekend is fun too because I get to visit the other friends who joined in and see what lovelies they have created
Firstly I finished the stitching on this block which is for the Lasting Legacy block of the month quilt
I think there are two more blocks to go then the instructions will be given for putting it together
I like this block a lot

I then traced and stitched the shoe for another of Michelle's shoe bags
I have now made   and given away eight of these bags
Off now to visit some of you
They have been very well received