Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today has been our coldest June day in over ten years aparently
It sure feels like it
I started quilting Grandsons Draught horse quilt
It is a queen size quilt and has to be finished by the 30th of July which is his 17th birthday
I best get at it
Some more siggys

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


After watching my two grandsons play football this morning I met up with a few friends and we spent the afternoon chatting ,drinking tea and we even made a few cards and did I mention cake
Didnt get a photo of the cake It went to quick but I can tell you it was good
It was a pleasant way to spend a cool afternoon
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Saturday, June 19, 2010


We havent really had any of this but its certainly cold enough
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After seeing all the beautiful journal covers being shown out there in Blogland I decided it was time to make myself one
Today I saw my sister and gave her the placemats I made her for her birthday (see earlier post)
She loved them and her daughter was deciding which one was going to be hers so I was quite pleased
The local paper rang today They had heard about Anthonys award in the Cancer Councils arts awards and want to do a story on him
He will be proud

A few more siggies
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Would You like these bag handles?

I was given these thingys to make bags with
I have no idea how to use them so if any one would like them please let me know if you can use them
Owing to the weight I will have to limit them to Australian Bloggers only, otherwise the postage will be out rageous

Some more lovely siggys came in the mail over the past few weeks I have been slack in showing them
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Friday, June 11, 2010


This was the rainbow that greeted me on this very cold morning
I love the colours of the rainbow
My Scrapbooking Retreat was wonderful I felt so refreshed when I came home Things had been getting on top of me a bit
I completed a whole album over the weekend
I did an album of Lorraines wedding I am very pleased with my weekends work
Lorraine has been very unwell I dont think the Doctors know what to do with her
Mum is well
She is now at home by herself and managing just fine The District nurse is coming every second day to dress the pressure sores on her heels
It has been perfect weather for sewing ,not that I have done much
Stitched a few siggy blocks and thats about it
I have to get on with the Draught horse quilt Grandsons birthday is approaching fast
Off to football in the morning to watch the boys play Will have to rug up
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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ihave my three participants for the PIF
Thanks Lorralyn, Keeli and Jill You will all receive something from me in due course
Some of you may remember last year my 12 year old grandson wrote a poem for a school competion and he won first prize for his age group and $50.00
I decided unbeknown to Anthony to enter his poem in the Cancer Council Arts Awards
Yesterday he received a letter and a certificate to say his poem was Highly Commended (The letter said highly ,the certificate doesnt)
He is to be invited to the presentation in Melbourne next month
He was so excited one would have thought he won first prize
The poem read
Cancer is Evil
Auntie fighting for her life
Feelings crushed as hair falls out
Three months off to live her life
I finished the scrappy placemats for my sisters birthday Hope she likes them
My sister is not into craft of any sort, but usually apreciates what I make her
This weekend Iam off to a Scrapbooking Retreat
Iam so in need of some me time
Iam looking forward to it

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