Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two Lovely Days

On Tuesday I was blessed with a visit from one of my very favourite designers The gorgeous Michelle Ridgway
I was so thrilled to be able to show her a couple of her designs that I have stitched
She seemed pleased with what I had done with her design

She and Hubby are travelling in my area  and as they were going past my door they stopped for a quick morning tea
Thankyou both for taking the time
You made my week
 Enjoy the rest of your trip guys
Then yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Making the Australian Quilt expo in Melbourne
I only got one photo as I couldn't get my flash to turn off
This quilt was made up of thousands of tiny hexagons
So much Aussie quilting history

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Zealand

Here are a small selection of photos from our wonderful New Zealand holiday

Such a beautiful country

We had a wonderful time

Friday, October 7, 2016

Belated Birthday Gift

My birthday fat 1/4 and a little extra from Simone

My beautiful special gift from Tarnyia
Lovely fat 1/4s and a few little extras

I just love the cushion she has made for me
Her quilting is beautiful
Thankyou Tarnyia
I must admit I was a little worried when Tarnyia emailed me to tell me my gift would be late as the same thing happened to me last year and I never did receive my gift
Any way it was well worth the wait
Still one fat 1/4 to come but Iam not holding my breath waiting
Thankyou to all the girls who did fullfill their swap obligations and Cheryll for once again organizing this swap