Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roller Coaster

Since our daughter was diagnosed with metasatic breast cancer on Valentines Day 2006 Our life has been like a roller coaster Down then up a little way then way down again
When she came home from her trip she looked and seemed so well
Aparently she had a funny turn while away and told noone because she knew Jim would make her come home
She has had a headache for the past three weeks and was told by her GP to go home and take aspirin
Finally they are taking notice of her and have now discovered there is a tumour on the brain
Today I took her for an MRI and tomorrow I will go with her and Jim to the Cancer hospital in Melbourne
Hopefully they will have some results and she will be told it is benign
Life is so hard sometimes Please include us in your prayers
Iam having a little trouble dealing with this news at present
She wont let us tell anyone until she knows for sure what she is facing ,so I have noone to talk to about it
Sorry this is such a depressing post but its the way I feel at the moment

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sewing Machine Mat

Inspired by Jenny at Elefanz I decided to make myself a mat for my sewing machine
I had this pretty material that I didn,t really want to cut up
It has been so wild wet and windy here these past few days it has really only been good for indoor activities and sewing is the goPosted by Picasa

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jersey Boys

Yesterday I had the lovliest day
Went on a bus trip with a group of friends, to the city to see the Jersy Boys on stage I thoroughly enjoyed the show and music
So much conflict between the boys its hard to imagine when you hear their music
It was lovely to just sit back and be dropped at the theatre door and picked up at the end of the show
No parking worries No stress

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have had a very small finish this week Decided to make myself a cover for a loose leaf folder I keep patterns in
I was so pleased with it and thought how nice it was until I put it on to the folder and realised I had made what I wanted for the back wrong way round Only I could manage that
I wasn't about to unpick it so appliqued another rose onto the front and now both covers have decoration , so I'm not TOO TOO unhappy with it
Just thought I,d show you a not so good photo of my favourite quilt "Home Among the Gum Trees"
I made this one about three years ago All hand appliqued and machine quilted by me Iam quite proud of this one
I have two grandchildren with me for the school holidays while their Mum works
I do enjoy having them
Weather is not so nice today

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life is quiet

I havent posted in a while, simply because there has not been much of interest happening in my life
Don,t get me wrong I like it that way If nothing is happening it means all is well and Lorraine,s health is ok so that makes me happy
I haven't had many finishes either Have been doing some hand applique on my log cabin quilt which is one of my long term projects
With the lovely spring weather we are having I have been busy in the garden
Only exciting thing that has happened is that Lorraine and her long time partner have set a wedding date 7th of November which will be her 40th birthday It will come around quickly and things are falling into place nicely... re. plans for the big day

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photo I hope

Posted by PicasaFinally managed to get a photo up
As I've said on many occasions I'm not real good at this computer stuff and when things change .........well
Anyway looks like I might have it worked out again
Thought I'd show you a couple of little projects I have been making
Fathers Day in Australia today The girls came over to see hubby for a little while and sat and watched the footy with him It is a cool day here but at least no wind or rain

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ant's Poem

Cancer is evil
Aunty fighting for her life
Feelings crushed as hair falls out
Two months off to live her life

This poem was written by my 12 year old Grandson
It was an entry in a school competition run by a
neighbouring school
Over 400 poems were entered from about 6 schools
around the district and Anthonys poem was the winning entry

He got a $50.00 prize

I have been trying to put up some photos for the last hour Things are different on my computer since it came back from repairs
I shall keep trying