Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Wall Hanging For Danielle

I havent made much of a start on Christmas shopping or gifts as yet
I made this wall hanging for Dan She has a few badges These ones were on her Pop's hanger so she has been wanting her own
My Darling daughters health has been causing us much concern
The chemo doesn't seem to be working and her breathing is getting worse
Has been having her lung drained almost weekly and last week they made a tiny hole in the lung which has allowed air to enter and caused more breathlesness
They are now thinking of putting in a permanant drain but there are risks involved so she has to have a good think about what to do
While her hubby is at work I spend a lot of time with her
Sometimes I get really upset with the unfairness of it all I have a friend whose daughter has drunk and smoked herself into bad health
Lorraine has never smoked or drank
Just seems so unfair
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Healing Heart Blocks for Miners families

Shirley in New Zealand has put the call out for heart blocks to send to the loved ones of the Miners killed in the Mining Disaster in New Zealand recently
If you can help you will find the details at Shirleys Blog
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


And thats just what I've been doing
Putting my many scraps to good use
I made this table cloth for my Mum for Christmas I like the way it turned out
Have also made a couple of scrappy table runners
Will show them at a later date
When Lorraine first got sick she used to walk with me when I walked her dogs, then as she got sicker she rode her bike
Lately, because she cant do anything without the oxygen she has been pretty much house bound unless someone took her out
Last week Jim took her to Melbourne and he bought this motorized three wheel bike,so every day since she has come with me for a walk
She was so happy to be out and about
It has a large basket on the back for her oxygen cylinder

See how happy she looks
If you didn't know how sick she really is you wouldn't believe it She looks so well
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