Saturday, January 24, 2015

Second Finish for 2015

Last night I sewed along with Wendy and friends for 2015s first FNSI and what fun it was to see you all again
I had the blocks done for this runner so last night put it together and got it finished
Been helping hubby net the fruit trees today, then I  walked the dog to get the mail
Didn,t have time to get it yesterday
First time in my life I have been "spoken too" by a policeman
Naughty girl
A new restaurant opened in our little town about 18 months ago
Quite trendy and popular with visitors
You can sit outside and drink your coffee
Trouble is our footpath is very narrow and between the stool they put along one wall and tables next to the street, it does not leave much room to walk between and when there are four big dogs tied to the table legs my little dog refuses to walk there She has been attacked by big dogs on several occasions, so I find it easier to walk on the edge of the road
Mr Policeman was not impressed
Gave me a big toot from behind then shook his finger at me
I walked up to his car window and asked him where he wanted me to walk since I could not walk on the path
Don't think he expected me to say any thing Told me" well you cant walk on the road" and why couldn't I walk on the path I told him to take a look and he told me to be aware then drove off and did a U turn and went back where he came from
Mind you there was a car parked across the disabled parking spot, loading a bed on his ute
When he saw me being spoken to he drove away very quickly and did not secure his load
I was not impressed and Mr policeman did not see him as he drove past
My whinge for today

Monday, January 19, 2015

No More a UFO

My GD came over tonight and sorted me out re the photos
Have been working on this quilt for many years
No idea why I never finished it because I really like it
So happy with the way it turned out
Now I am up to date with my UFO's
What to start on next?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I need Help

But this is nothing new when it comes to computers
Recently I asked my GD to print off a Facebook photo for me
I don't know what she did but now I cannot get photos to load on my Blog or Facebook page
I usually just press link then " my pictures" then the photos open up and I upload
Now a folder appears showing two photos and that is as far as I can go Can any one help me please
My GD has gotten herself a part time job and I do not get to see her much at present and what is a Blog post without photos?
I have a couple of finishes to show
Would be most grate full for any advice

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

I think I have lost a year some where
Honestly I do not know where 2014 went
Iam sadly lacking in motivation at the moment. Seems to happen to me every year at this time
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2015 will be kind to you
We had a lovely family Christmas
Actually went out for Christmas lunch to the local club Have to say it was lovely. No one had to do any thing. First time we have done that
No sewing to show Hope my Mojo comes back soon
I did recycle all of my old Christmas cards prior to Christmas
I hate computers!!
Trying to upload a photo Just will not co operate