Saturday, February 27, 2010

Light box

I have been wanting a Light Box for a while now
Hubby had some perspex left over from something he was doing in the shed I thoght he should make me one using the perspex He has been hesitant to make me one because he says our house is "bursting at the seams now"
The other day he had a brain wave He put a globe in the wrought iron under my glass top coffee table It works a treat and no more "stuff" to take up room
The vases on the table I painted years ago when I did ceramics
This morning we went to a Garage sale
A lady was selling several fat quarters for $1.50 each
I need more like I need more stuff but made her an offer on the lot anyway
So more lovely material The lady was telling me she is now obsessed with card making
Beautiful material is my obsession
We had a huge thunder storm here this morning and have had a few showers through out the day
At least things have cooled down a little

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pot Holder Swap received

Received my lovely colourful potholders yesterday together with this beaut large coffee mug
My partner was Heidi
from Heidi Is the host of the Friday night sewin
The person I sent to was also from the USA
Her blog is

The siggies keep rolling in
Lorraine Iam pleased to say is a LITTLE better than she was Still nauseus at times but is keeping some food down and hasnt had her lung drained in 10 days We are hoping she wont have to have it done again
Hopefully the chemo is doing its job
I have spent a productive day in the garden todayHave scratches all over my arms from the roses
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Challenge

Two more siggies came this week and I made two Christmas placemats from left over binding
Thought I might enter Jenny's February Challenge

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Got Mail

My new blogging friend Khris from Sew Prim khris and Freebies for Crafters offered to make me a siggie
A lovely siggie came today accompanied by gifts for Lorraine and I
I couldnt wait to open mine before I took a photo
What a gorgeous needle case I got
Lorraine was equally as thrilled with her address book cover and little note pad cover Just loved the little button on the address book cover
Thankyou Khris You are to kind

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ireland I forgot Ireland

In yesterdays post when I was listing the countries I had received siggies from, I forgot Ireland
How could I forget Ireland ? My very first siggy came from there Sorry Micki
Thought I would show you what Iam working on
My Grandsons have set me quite a challenge
When Brendan turned 16 last year, he asked me to paint him a saw with draft horses
I said that was to difficult and did him one with motor bikes
He recently got a new bed and I asked what sort of quilt he would like
You guessed it Draft horses
Harder than the painting I fear I had hoped to find some draft horse material but so far haven't found any
Still thinking about that one
Younger Grandson said he would like chevies Talked him out of that
He is addicted to the old cowboy movies, so Iam appliqueing a cowboy
Don't know where I will go with this quilt from here Will get the applique done then decide
It will look better once I get it finished
Remember it is a work in progress

Lorraine has had a bad week
Started vomiting again and had to have the lung drained again today
I feel so helpless and it is so hard to watch one's child suffer so
My sewing and Blogging have been my saviours during this difficult time
I have to stay strong

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Lovely Siggies

More lovely siggies came this week
I now have siggies from England Usa Belguim Austria Australia The Netherlands
Canada Italy Germany and Norway
It has been so hot and sticky here
Raining at the moment Thank Goodness
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Friday, February 5, 2010

siggies and Fat Quarters

More siggies came this week
Also I won a bunch of gorgeous fat quarters when Vickie had a giveaway recently
I think these will become a table runner
Not much happening here It is a little cooler so Iam enjoying that
Have been making plum jam and tomorrow will make some blackberry jam
Lorraine had more fluid drained from her lung last Wednesday and had her second bout of chemo yesterday
Was feeling a little better after the drain but was in a bad way prior
Couldnt catch her breath
Tomorrow there is a quilt hanging at Loch
Iam hoping to go

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