Saturday, January 30, 2010

Siggie and Pot Holder

Another siggie block arrived this week
From Nicola in Germany She says the mushroom is a sign of luck so she is sending a little bit of luck around the world

If you want to have a look at the siggie swap ,have a look at Annalies' blog

The centre block is cut at 3 5/8in and the outer is 3 1/2 cut into four triangles The finished size is 4 1/2 inches
I have been overwhelmed by the response to my request for siggies from my lovely Blogging friends Thankyou
These are the potholders I made for the pot holder pass swap
My partner I am sure does not read my blog so I can show you She collects roosters and likes blue
Lorraine came home from Hospital late last night after having the lung drained again they started her back on chemo and let her leave Iam off to see her now
The Doctors have decided that it is not the gallstones making her sick , but the liver and they hope the chemo will fix the problem
Let's hope so

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The size of the Signature Blocks are 4.1/2 inches (seam allowance is 1/4inch

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Siggie Blocks and Up date on Lorraines health

Just prior to Christmas I joined a siggie swap and have started receiving blocks from all over the world
Each siggie has been accompanied with a lovely letter Also pictured is the block Iam making to exchange
It's a lot of fun never knowing when and where the next block will come from
If any one is interested in joining in ,email Annelies at annelies van den
I was thinking how nice it would be to have a block from my Blogging friends included in the quilt and was wondering if any one of you would like to make me a block even if you don't join the swap
I'm sure we could arrange for me to send a little something in return
Iam feeling pretty miserable at the moment
Lorraine is so unwell and in Hospital in Melbourne
We went to see her today
Jim is staying down there with her
Tests, yesterday showed there is now some cancer on the liver
She has had large amounts of fluid drained from her lung twice in the last two weeks and of course they wont operate for the gallstones while her lung is in this state
So still vomiting and has had no effective treatment for the past six months
Hopefully they can get something sorted while she is in Hospital
Not a happy girl Hates being in Hospital
As today was a public holiday nothing was being done for her , so she was able to come with us to the park to see some Australia day celebrations We watched some Aboriginal dancing and aeroplanes doing acrobatics
The Grandchildren enjoyed it

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My First finish for 2010

I finished the quilt for Lynda's friends baby
Quite pleased with it since Iam not to good without a pattern
Today Lynda took Lorraine ,Myself , Anthony and Danielle for a drive to the beach
It was quite cold and extremely windy
Must say apart from the wind it is much more pleasant than last weeks heat
We had fish and chips for lunch
The kids are staying with me for a few days now as Lynda has to work for the next five days
Not much sewing will be happening for the time they are here I do enjoy having them here
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Origami Christmas Tree

I made several of these decorations as Christmas presents This one I kept for myself
I really enjoyed making these
Lorraine is still vomiting her little heart out
Saw the Gall Bladder surgeon yesterday and he is happy to take the gallbladder out as there are definately stones present
She is happy to take the chance to find out if that is whats causing the vomiting and noone else is coming up with any solutions , so hopefully this will fix the problem
Surgery is not happening until Feb. 8th though
I have started to quilt my single bed quilt for baby Thomas Hopefully wont be long before it is finished, then I am planning to make a bag for my Mum's birthday next monthPosted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pot Holder Swap

No Swaps this year
Well I have already broken that resolution
I signed up for the Pot Holder swap
Information is on my side bar, but you only have until the 16th to sign up
Iam off to volunteer in the local Op Shop today
Each January we have a big sale I used to work in the shop one day a week >Now I only help with the sale
Jim is taking Lorraine to Melbourne today for MRI,s and a visit with the oncoligist
Much cooler today Thank Goodness

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Christmas gift from My Cyber Angel

Just look at the gorgeous bag that came in the mail last week
Sheila Jane and myself did a little christmas swap and I got this bag from Sheila
I love it
Thank goodness it is a little cooler tonight Maybe we will get some sleep
Has been to hot to do much
I have mostly been sitting with Lorraine, since Jim went back to work, doing a bit of applique
She is feeling very ordinary and today when I took her to the Doctor they drained 2.3 litres of fluid from the lung
The worry is why she is making so much fluid
This is the third time they have had to do this procedure It is quite painfullPosted by Picasa
No wonder she has not been feeling on top of the world
Still havn't got to the bottom of the vomiting

Thursday, January 7, 2010

See what Im working on

Just a peek at the quilt Iam working on

It is for Lynda's friends new baby, when he gets into a bed

Iam using up scraps and a few panels I had in my stash Iam making it up as I go along
I have had the Grandchildren here most of the week which has been lovely,but not much sewing getting done
Danielle has been sewing a quilt for her dog That was before her brother came Once he turned up she didn't want to sew
Lorraine has still been vomiting every time she tries to eat She suggested to the Doctor maybe she had gallstones
Myself Hubby and Lynda have all had them
Sure enough the poor girl has one about an inch in diameter
Now the Docs are "not sure If that is the cause of the vomiting"
Mind you ,until she pushed for tests the Doctors were not coming up with any ideas
Anyway she is seeing the Doctor who deals with gallbladder problems next week
Iam quickly losing faith in the Doctors

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Friday, January 1, 2010


A Happy New Year to all my Blogging friends I hope the year brings you all much happiness
Thought I'd share a couple more photos of our family day at the Prom
As always with kids there had to be at least one drama
Danielle managed to get a great big splinter in her toe She was on her way to shower after swimming She then proceded to shower before coming back to show us
Then she wouldn't let any one touch it So got it out herself
Yesterday was so hot here Well too hot for me anyway.Not like in WA where they are having bush fires and temps in the 40's

I started sewing a quilt for Lynda's friend who has just had a baby boy
Lynda wants me to do a boys quilt, not a baby one
At least it has got me motivated to do some more sewing Will show progress as it comes along
Once again All the best for 2010
I look forward to catching up with you all and perhaps meeting new people

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