Saturday, December 28, 2019


Christmas was a quiet affair at our place, well my daughters actually
Christmas always evokes memories
Tomorrow will mark nine years since Lorraine's passing Not that I don't think about her everyday
We did have Sam to brighten our day So nice to have a little one around for Christmas He put the hat on himself
So cute

I made a Little Christmas star
And this beauty came from Maria
Latest on my Mum
She is still in heaps of pain and now has ulcers on her toes. We think she must have grazed them in her fall 
District nurse is coming every second day
They are very concerned and now her foot is turning black and yes she is Diabetic

Friday, December 13, 2019

What A Week

My week started with my Mum having a fall and breaking a rib She is in so much pain The doctor upped her pain killers and there isn't much else they can do
My sister and I have been taking it in turns to stay with her as she is very shaken
 she rested I took a walk to the OpShop
Very happy with my finds There is probably 8 metres of fabric here It was all bundled together in a bag and I paid $6.00
Also found a little fibre optic Christmas tree Have been
looking for a little one for some time for my Blogger gift ornaments
While at Mums I had plenty of time to stitch
This is the second last block finished and I started the last block
This weekend Iam off to Coleraine for my Great nieces 21st

Saturday, December 7, 2019


Iam still asking Where has the year gone?
Seems to me we just had Christmas
Last night was our final FNWF for the year
I got a late start because it was my Friday night to have this little Bloke
He is such a joy to have around and loves to help
Got him into bed around 7.30 and he slept for almost 12 hours

I worked on my second last block for my Girls Day Out
Thanks Cheryll for hosting through out the year
Earlier in the day Sam and I went to the park and we were joined by this fellow He was quite large
Sam couldn't take his eyes off him
Me either for that matter

Monday, November 25, 2019

Thank You Maria

With the help of the lovely Maria I now seem to have fixed my Comment problems
Thankyou Maria It was lovely to chat with you
Bloggers really are the best

After some awful winds my beautiful rose lost a branch
It was so heavy with blooms

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


In my last post November FNSI I did not get any comments
Now I had been playing trying to get my comment notification working so Iam not sure if I did something or if no one was interested in my post
Please could some one let me know if this post shows up

Saturday, November 16, 2019

November FNSI

Last night it was cold and I had to light the heater
Unbelievable when so much of Australia is on bush fire alert
I pray these fires will be out soon
I joined in on FNSI once again
First I finished the Teddies block for my Girls Day Out

Then I stitched this perfume bottle which I changed slightly form the pattern
One of the last gifts Lorraine gave me was this butterfly perfume bottle, so I tried to make my stitching similar,
So Aine this block is to remind me of you
Off to see what the rest of you got up to now

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Some finishes

I finished the coat hangers and the cushions

Very pleased with these

Fifty years ago tomorrow My first child was born I never knew I could feel such intense love until I held her in my arms for the first time
Sadly she was only on loan to me
I miss her everyday
I loved her every day of her life
I miss her every day of mine
Still I was lucky to have her even for a short time
She brightened my world

Saturday, November 2, 2019


Over the last few weeks I have put aside my Girls Day Out to work on some Christmas gifts

Some stitching done

Last night I finished the stitching on this one

Another of Vickie"s Friends cushion stitched
Now to sew them all together and get back to my GDO quilt
Cheryll is inspiring me with this one
Hers looks amazing

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Quilt Exhibition at Welshpool

A cross section of a few of the quilts on display at the Exhibition I attended recently

My Calendar Bears

My Roadworks

There was a whole wall of these Dahlia Quilts
I think they must have been done in a class

And my Dinosour

Some amazing quilts on display
This was the first time I have exhibited any of my work
A little daunting with so many beautiful creations on display

Saturday, October 5, 2019

During the week I finished this block for my Girls Day Out quilt

Then last night when I joined Cheryll and the girls I traced out another two blocks
Slow and steady wins the race
Iam making progress
Look forward to catching up with the rest of you
Off to see a Quilt Exhibition this morning

Sunday, September 29, 2019

I Made The Newsletter

A couple of months ago I stayed in Centenary House while Hubby spent a night in Hospital
Centenary House at Traralgon is a Rotary sponsored accommodation facility for patients and family to stay while receiving hospital treatment
I made two quilts for the new rooms and delivered them a month later
I had heard nothing back from them so hoped they were ok
Last week I received in the mail a copy of the news letter and was delighted to see my quilt on the bed

Recently I visited the Vietnam War Memorial Museum at Phillip Island
Amazing what is on our doorstep and we never visit 
I had never been to see the penguins until my pen pal came from the USA, quite a few years ago now and never been back
Any way this place was a fitting tribute to our soldiers who served over there
Some of the RSL clubs had made this memorial quilt

Sunday, September 22, 2019

September FNSI

The lovely Wendy once again hosted cyber friends for Girls night in
I worked on my girls day out quilt

Then traced this block
Loving this quilt
Thank you all for the encouragement regarding my tracing
I know it is not great but the end result always seems to turn out ok so I guess that's the main thing

Also managed to get a page done for Sam's album

Sunday, September 8, 2019

September FNWF

Friday night I made a couple more coat hangers A request from a friend 
Nice to know that my work is wanted LOL

I found this poem on Facebook and thought it apropriate
Thank you for my birthday wishes
I still have not been able to get my comment notification working but do appreciate your comments

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me

Thursday was my birthday and I got to open my gifts from the girls in the Fat 1/4 swap
We are to send one fat 1/4 in the recipients colour of choice and a small gift beginning with the first letter of your name
Iam always amazed at what the girls come up with for I
I chose black and white
From Our lovely swap captain and organizer, pictured above, I received Iron on stabilizer and Ink pen

From Anthea a note pad with my initials on it and an infuser

Susan sent some Inch binding

Aster chose to use T and sent a coaster for my Tea cup and Twirls on the fabric

And my main gift came from Julie
She is so cute and beautifully made 
I have decided to call her Jewells
Julie sent me some of her black and white scraps from her stash along with my fat 1/4s Her I gift was an Ideas book and a beautiful handmade card

and a teddy bear bag

I love her Thank you Julie
I just realised I have forgotten to take one photo
A job for another day and a new post
Iam still to receive one parcel 
I was truly blessed by you all and I thank you so much
Will be in touch with you all soon