Sunday, August 30, 2009


Did any one even know I was missing?
Had some computer trouble Got a virus or something so have been without it for the past couple of weeks
Thats not the worst of it though Was also without my sewing machine Oh the pain of it all Hubby thought it was good Sat and watched the idiot box with him while I hand stitched
Can't show you what I've done though Haven't had time to reinstall the printer
Any way both are home now and both working well
I have been trying to catch up with everyones blogs so you will all hear from me in due course
We have had so much rain Water lieing every where and it is realy cold Hard to believe our winter is supposed to be over

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gabi's Scrap Quilt Done

Last night I finished the scrap quilt for my cousins daughter It has many flaws but I'm sure Gabi will love it and treasure it all the more because it was made from her late Grandmothers scraps
I am fairly happy with the way it turned out, all things considered
The boys played their last game of football for the season today and both lost It was freezing Can,t say I,m sorry it's over. Danielle came home with me
She is working on a very large project for school and she has chosen to do it on quilting so we spent the afternoon researching the history and she has just made four pinwheel blocks to be used as samples
One she will leave as patchwork, the next one she has basted, the third we will quilt(very simply) and the last we will finish
The project doesn't have to be finished until November then they have a night for interested people to view the finished projects
The students chose what ever topic they want
I think Anthony is doing his on weapons
Last year he did it on Nitro Trucks This is Danielle's first I think her mother chose the topic so I can help
In this project parental help is encouraged

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paper Bag Swap Parcel Has Arrived

My paper bag swap parcel came in the mail today All the way from Texas I received some lovely gifts as well as the beautiful wall hanging
She also sent me some American quilting magazines a Texas keyring A Texas cookbook and some gorgeous material with which I have to make something nice for myself to remind me of her
Thankyou Barbara
Go visit her and say Hi
She has a photo of a quilt someone made for their car I love it
I'm sure she would love you to drop by

Monday, August 3, 2009

Quilt Blocks

Managed a bit of sewing today Made a new chair pad for the dining room chair because the other one was worn out
My cousin came to visit last Christmas and her 11 year old asked me if I'd make her a quilt using her late Grandmothers material
The material was posted to me and not a peice of cotton material in sight So today I made a start and did these two blocks Some applique will go on the centre square
It's a little difficult because all the material is different weights
Hopefully I can make something reasonable from what I have been given to work with

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