Saturday, December 19, 2020


 Just dropping by to wish all my Blogging friends a Happy and safe Christmas

I have not been blogging for two reasons Firstly Blogger has decided to make changes that I cannot fix and Iam in no mood to to keep trying

I have just looked at the comments a on my Blog and I see there are some totally inapropriate ones.which I have deleted but dont know how to block them

Second reason is that my Mum passed away on December the third

She had a heart attach at home 10 weeks previous and as she went down she fractured three ribs, her shoulder and knee. She was not found for several hours

Ten weeks in hospital with many ups and downs  She was a fighter So wanted to be here to see a new grandchild due in March

However she did not want to go into a home so thankfully she got that wish

Feeling very flat at the moment 

Perhaps in the new year I will get back to Blogging  I am still dropping by to see what you are all up to

Hugs to all my dear Blogging friends

Sunday, August 9, 2020


 Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last two posts

Iam not receiving comment notifations again and this time I did not do any thing

I hate change

I cannot work out how to fix it as it has all changed so do know that I read and apreciated all your lovely comments

Saturday, August 8, 2020

August FNWF

 Well here we are in August Freezing here at the moment so I suppose as good a time as any to be in Lock down At least I can still get out for a walk if I want 

, unlike the city people

Last night I joined with Cheryll and the girls for our monthly sewing night

I made some more masks

The family agree that they are much more comfortable than the bought ones

Took me a while to find the right pattern though

Found my post

August FNWF


Friday, July 31, 2020

Finished Quilt

My finished Love and Hugs Isolation quilt

Close up of some of the Blocks
Have been trying to comment on some Blogs but keep getting told I do not have an account to comment

 Making masks today since from Monday regional Victoria have to wear them

Saturday, July 18, 2020


Oh my goodness
 Cannot believe we are half way through July
Last night I joined Wendy and friends for some stitching fun
I finished my Love and Hugs quilt
This photo is just the quilt top
Finding it hard to get a good photo of the finished quilt It is quite large
I did all my blocks 10" instead of 6" because I wanted it to fit the queen bed The extra border gives it some overhang
Very happy with it
Hope you all had a good night

Sunday, July 5, 2020


I have been missing in action for a while Just being slack
I love these FNWF nights as they seem to make me post
I didn't get a lot of stitching done but I did get to have this little bloke for the first time in forever

 We had a lot of fun
When he went to bed I started this one 

and finished this one
He went home yesterday afternoon so today I hope to get stuck into quilting my Isolation quilt, which I sandwiched during the week

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Last night was the last of our extra FNWF hosted by Cheryll
I missed the last one and last night I only managed some prep work 
Starting a new quilt for a new baby on the way soon
Magically the print has changed How I do not know The computer keeps doing updates I hate change
I have been making cards
My DD and GS gave me a die cut machine for my last birthday

Frosty here the last few mornings but it makes for nice days

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Extra FNWF

Plodding along with my Isolation Love and Hugs stitching

I decided to do some extra blocks
Birthday gift for Grandsons girlfriend

Borders on Girls Day Out
Not all these projects were done last night
Raining again so might get some more stitching done 
Such a hardship

Saturday, May 2, 2020

May already

Another FNWF last night
A cold start to May here in Victoria
I worked on my Love and Hug Blocks Finished this one 

And almost finished this one 
It was cold wet and windy so spent much of the day stitching
Isolation isn't so bad in this weather and we have a nice warm fire and some sewing to do

Saturday, April 18, 2020

April FNSI

Iam Happy now 
I made the larger basket

Here it is with the smaller version
Both lovely bags but Iam sure I would have got more use out of the larger one
My daughter took a liking to the larger one and being the nice Mum that Iam I let her have it
Such a sacrifice to now have to go and make another one

Last night when Wendy once again hosted FNSI I worked on my
Love and Hugs stitcheries
I have now completed five with number six almost done
Iam enjoying experimenting with some colouring as you can see on the fuschia and cosmos blocks
Hope everyone is doing ok with  isolation
Take care

Saturday, April 11, 2020


I finally finished my Christmas wall hanging (Though this is not the finished version)
Last night when we had our second monthly sewing night I put the binding on
This has been a long time in the making , just doing a stitch here and there
The pattern was sent to me by Maria when I had my knee replacement five years ago
Iam very happy with it

My first stitchery in the Love and Hugs Stitch a Long

During the week I completed another quilt top for the Bushfire Quilt drive
Wild windy and wet today
A good day to be in isolation
Off to do some more stitching
Happy Isolated Easter wishes to you all

Saturday, April 4, 2020

April FNWF

So last night when I joined in with my stitching friends for our monthly FNWF I made some more
A small way to help in these troubled times
Today was the day my Darling niece was supposed to get married
She has been so upset that hey had to cancel
They thought of just having a small wedding but both sets of parents would not have been able to attend with the number restrictions
Hopefully things will get back to normal some time soon
Stay well all of you

Monday, March 23, 2020


A little late in posting from my Friday night efforts
Better late than never Right?
I worked on a couple of quilt tops for the Bushfire quilt drive

During the week I made this little bag

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Bushfire Quilt Drive

I have made a boys quilt for the Quilt drive happening at Oz Comfort quilts Blog
Jan put the call out for little boys quilts
I managed to finish it last night when I joined Cheryll and friends for our monthly get together
Now to get it packed and sent though maybe I will do another one before I send it

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Slow Progress

Iam slowly getting on with my Girls Day Out
Just need to add borders

Thought you might like to see a model of what they put in Hubbys shoulder
He is coming along slowly and getting frustrated that he cannot get out and do what he wants
I think it is going to be a long haul for a very active man and a wife that has to learn patience

Sunday, February 23, 2020


Two months of the year almost gone Hard to believe
Last night I joined Wendy and friends for a Friday night sew in
I worked on these two blocks from my Christmas Quilt which I started many moons ago
I do not usually have UFOs but this one seems to becoming one
It is called Angel Wings and is a Fig N Berry design

It is so cute and Iam determined to finish it soon.....Well by next Christmas any way
Hubby seems to be doing ok 
Just have to watch he doesn't over do things
He is not one to sit around so is becoming very frustrated
Tomorrow we go back to see the surgeon and have the stitches out
I haven't seen my Mum for a little while but she seems to be doing ok
The District Nurse is going every day to dress her toe and my sister, Bless her, goes Often

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Back Home

A week today since Hubbys op
He is recovering well and doing most things for himself Just has to be careful He doesn't over do it
I managed a little stitching while sitting with him in the hospital and at night in my tiny hotel room
His room at the hospital was bigger than mine

While he was in theatre I took a walk along the Brighton Pier

Since coming home last Saturday I made a cot quilt from a panel that has been sitting in my stash for quite a while
Well best go see what my Patient is up to

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Febuary FNWF

Another FNWF has come and gone
Unfortunately I didn't get to much done
I got the Top section of my Girls day out sewn on
I have had a stressful week
My Mum was in hospital in Frankston for her angiogram to fix the blockage in her leg
They kept her there a week and fasted her every day in the hope they would send her to theatre
One night they did send her but sent her straight back to the ward
Any way finally on Wednesday night they did it and sent her home the next morning
My sister is staying with her for a few days
Next week Hubby has to go to Melbourne for a shoulder replacement
It will be an awful time as hubby only has one arm
I have booked into what looks like a very fancy hotel near the hospital so that I will be there to help if necessary
Iam doing my best not to worry to much

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Birthdays and Up date on my Mum

Yesterday this little man celebrated his second birthday It has come around so quickly and he has become a very important part of our lives
Yesterday my Mum finally got to see the Cardio Vascular surgeon and by last night she was in Hospital waiting for an angiogram
The past few months have seen my sister and I put our lives on hold to take Mum to various appointments GPs, Wound care nurses, podiatrists, ultra sounds, x- rays, blood tests and the list goes on
Visits from the District nurses every second day to dress her toes
Apart from the DN everything else was a waste of time it seems
At least now she is in the best place for her