Saturday, February 8, 2020

Febuary FNWF

Another FNWF has come and gone
Unfortunately I didn't get to much done
I got the Top section of my Girls day out sewn on
I have had a stressful week
My Mum was in hospital in Frankston for her angiogram to fix the blockage in her leg
They kept her there a week and fasted her every day in the hope they would send her to theatre
One night they did send her but sent her straight back to the ward
Any way finally on Wednesday night they did it and sent her home the next morning
My sister is staying with her for a few days
Next week Hubby has to go to Melbourne for a shoulder replacement
It will be an awful time as hubby only has one arm
I have booked into what looks like a very fancy hotel near the hospital so that I will be there to help if necessary
Iam doing my best not to worry to much


  1. Oh Illene... you poor thing... try not to worry...although that's easier said than done I know. Fingers crossed both Mum & Hubby will be back on their feet ASAP. Take some hand sewing to keep your mind occupied.
    Take care...xox

  2. Oh Ilene, no wonder you are stressed . I am sending healing hugs to you all. Enjoy the nice hotel, if you can.

  3. Sending healing wishes to your mum and hubby. Look after yourself.

  4. Thinking of you and giving you lots of hugs.
    Hope Mum and Hubby are both on the mend soon.
    And take some hand sewing along for the evenings...

  5. What a double whammy for you, that's a lot to cope with! I hope it all goes well for you, hubby and your mum.

  6. So much for you to cope with at present, I am with the others, take some hand stitching with you . Hugs to you Illene.

  7. Such a stressful time you are having. I can empathise . My hubby is a double amputee so I understand how worrying your hubby's surgery will be. I suspect overuse of his arm may have contributed to the problem? Your quilt is looking so lovely. Many angel healing hugs.

  8. Oh dear! You are having a very stressful time of it. I do hope all goes well for your dear hubby and his surgery. Your quilt is beautiful......sending you huge hugs xxx

  9. I'm sorry you are going through so much right now but hope everything will go well for your Mom and Husband. Stay strong!

  10. I hope both your mother and your husband do okay. You do have a lot of worry about but hope you cope alright with it all. Hopefully some handwork will distract you. Your quilt is looking beautiful! Hugsx

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