Saturday, March 28, 2009


Danielle helped me put the neighbours quilt together and Anthony mowed my lawns
A big job I have a lot of lawn but he did it all Give me more time to sew
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Friday, March 27, 2009


Not much stitching happening, though did get a couple of beaded angels finished
I can,t get the wings any more so will have to work something else out
The two younger Grandchildren Anthony and Danielle had their school sports today so I did the Nana thing and went and watched them
After that I watched Dan play basketball which is the normal Friday night thing
Then Ants and Dan came home with me to spend the weekend
They have prmised to help me baste the quilt for my neighbour ,tomorrow That should be fun
Dan is doing some scrapbooking at the momentand Anthony is watching TV which is his favourite passtime
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well I got my homework done for the mystery quilt
Now just have to wait for the next meeting to get the next lot of instructions
A former neighbour, today asked me if I would baste a quilt and do the quilting and binding for her
I told her Iam not the worlds best quilter but having seen some of my work she still wants me to do it
She wants it finished in a fortnight I haven't got it yet
Aparently its a single bed quilt and its a paying job
Problem is I have no idea what to charge
Any body got any idea please?
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mystery quilt

We are making a Mystery quilt at my Quilting Group We made one a few years ago How do you think my colours will go? It's difficult not knowing the pattern The last one turned out well
I'am trying to use materials from my stash
So far I haven't got past the cutting stage
Intended to start the other night but my sister rang and was in for a chat
I have had the grandchildren for most of the weekend
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Farm

I have not long got back from my daily walk
It was a lovely evening for it
I usually try and walk about six ks every day My time to myself It is very quiet and peacefull
Tonight I saw three koalas and an echidna Oh and about a dozen boy scouts That wasn't so peaceful
Iam very lucky to have a nice walking track quite close I only have to walk about 1/2 a k on the road to get to it It was the old railway line
Now I'm off to do some sewing not sure what I will work on yet I have a few projects on the go
Maybe I will start the mystery quilt that my quilting group are going to do I have it cut out
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009



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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Cool and windy A great day for staying indoors and crafting

I have been fusing pictures ready for appliquePosted by Picasa
Hubby has just gone out to check his cows They are calving
Fancy coming into the world on a day like this

Rain Beautiful Rain

It has rained nearly all afternoon.I love it It has been so so dry
It is so nice not to have to go out in it ,to milk cows though Danielle and I did a bit of beading today She made her Mum anklet

Friday, March 13, 2009

chenille bag

A busy day I cleaned windows( couldn't see out of them) and did the vacuuming, then hubby decided to chop up the wood from the tree we chopped down last weekend so I had to stack it in the shed
I finished the chenille bag Got it right this time Looks ok I guess
A lady from another Indoor Bowls club had a bag like this and I asked how she had made it She promised me the pattern, then every time I saw her after that she kept saying she couldn't find it I wasn't worried!
Anyway about two years later she rang me ,very excited She had found the pattern and bought it for me.
Some months later it arrived in the mail Part of the excitment was because the pattern was named Lorraine's bag (my daughter is Lorraine) The lady then got it in her head that I was making the bag for Lorraine Posted by Picasa
I started to make it ,then mucked up so put it aside for about another two years Every time this lady see's me she asks if I've made it yet
So finally it's done
Lorraine doesn't lile it at all

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

current quilt Iam working on

These are four of the blocks for the log cabin quilt I'am currently working on
I have made all 12 of the log cabin blocks but only fused two ready for applique
Last night I went to the monthly meeting of my qulilting group We are are a small group with 10 members who get together once a month to quilt
We are currently making a quilt for a members friend who lost everything in the recent tragic bushfires It is mostly purple 'made up with 6" charm sqaresPosted by Picasa

Monday, March 9, 2009

today's jobs

My two youngest grandchildren and myself spent the morning in the garden yesterday They were a great help, then we went for a milkshake Yum
Even with the drought we are currently experiencing my roses have been lovely I have quite a large garden I only water new plants and the pots
Not much stitching getting done but did manage a pot holder
I did some chenille that went wrong so used it for the pot holder Looks ok I guess
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice to see a little rain this morning
Hubby myself and two Grandsons went to my Mums to cut down a tree for her It was a poplar tree and was leaning dangerously close to power lines and with the high winds of the past week she hasn't been sleeping worrying about it
My Mum lives about 40 minutes away from us She is 81 and still lives in her own home on her own
I try to get over to see her about once a week

My first quilt

I had always admired the beautful quilts I saw but thought they were way beond my capablities
In 2002 we stopped milking cows and I found myself with time on my hands
A friend invited me for an afternoon of sewing She showed me the basics of cutting and by the end of the afternoon I came home with my first patchwork square
She kindly lent me her cutting mat ,ruler, rotary cutter and a book called Around the Block
I started sewing squres from any material I could lay my hands on Colours didn't matter and much of it wasn't even cotton
This quilt was made from old shirts,table cloths and odd bits of material sourced from where ever. 7/3/09

Wednesday, March 4, 2009



The blocks for this quilt were a gift from Sheila after one of her spring cleans. The blocks were fused but not sewn,I have just finished it Hope you like what I have done with your blocks Sheila

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life moves in mysterious ways

Lovely of Sheila to invite you to my blog I really am very new to this and the words of encouragment have been wonderful
Sheila mentioned she had been helping me with this computer stuff She is a great teacher
In July last year I had never even heard of a blog My daughter and I were discussing what she would wear when her hair fell out. That very night I was reading a very old quilting magazine and in it was a letter from Sheila saying how she and others were making turbans for chemo patients
I wrote to her on the off chance she was still at the same address She was, and she emailed me straight away
This wonderful lady knew that material shops were few in the area where I live so she went out and bought the material for me to make it
Since then she has been a great support to me
Thankyou Sheila
I have been warned that blogging is as addictive as quilting

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My House and garden Oct 2008

This photo shows the front of my house last October It certainly doesn"t look like this now
How'd I do Sheila I went in the way you suggested
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