Saturday, March 7, 2009

My first quilt

I had always admired the beautful quilts I saw but thought they were way beond my capablities
In 2002 we stopped milking cows and I found myself with time on my hands
A friend invited me for an afternoon of sewing She showed me the basics of cutting and by the end of the afternoon I came home with my first patchwork square
She kindly lent me her cutting mat ,ruler, rotary cutter and a book called Around the Block
I started sewing squres from any material I could lay my hands on Colours didn't matter and much of it wasn't even cotton
This quilt was made from old shirts,table cloths and odd bits of material sourced from where ever. 7/3/09


  1. first quilts are always special.
    Its fun to look back and see how one has progressed.
    Thats a very nice quilt. Well used I hope.

  2. I know exactly what you mean... I am in that position now.... btw we now have no bedsheets because I have just cut them into 6 inch squares....
    Hubby has no shirts, they are now bags, mats, and pot holders. I am well and truly hooked.