Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Initial Heart Swap

I was partnered in this swap with the lovely Kerrie from Channelbank creations
I just adore the heart she has made for me and in my all time favourite colour too
There were also some sewing novelty buttons and mm and ms

Kerrie and I have been partnered in quite a few swaps now, so we have gotten to know each others tastes
I sent this crazy patchwork heart to Kerrie
Thanks Kerrie and Thanks to Cheryll
Once again a great swap
I have been having some more leadlight lessons with my friend Mary

Quite pleased with my creations

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What I sent in the Australia Day Swap

These are the gifts I sent to Kerrie Channelbank Creations Blog in the Australia Day Swap
A lollie bag full of lollies

 A rug for her mug The kookaburra was a Michelle Ridgway design
Cute Hey?

Incense and holder

Aussie tea towel and tea bags

Ugly fabric

And here are the gifts ready to send
Another fun swap