Thursday, December 28, 2017

No Fuss Christmas Swap

I joined only one Christmas swap this year
I received these beautiful gifts from Lynda

A tea rowel
A cute Christmas button
A tin of jelly beans

And this gorgeous bag

It is beautifully made and comes with a Christmas button on the zipper pull
Loved all my gifts
Thank you so much Lynda and a big thanks to Sandi for organizing this swap
I forgot to take a photo of what I sent to Maria but you can see the gifts on Marias Blog or the No Fuss Blog

Saturday, December 23, 2017

FNSI FIrst there was one

A little while ago our lovely FNSI host The beautiful Wendy shared a tutorial on Facebook to make these fabric snowflakes
My niece saw them when I shared the post and wanted one
Then her Mum decided she would like one as well

Now I have to make myself one
Thanks Wendy for sharing and for the wonderful job you have done throughout the year in getting us all together for a fun night of crafting
Merry Christmas to all my wonderful Blogging friends

Monday, December 11, 2017

Slack Blogger

I have been such a slack Blogger
Reading and catching up with others but not Blogging myself
I have a few projects on the go and a couple of little finishes
Wedding cards for a couple of weddings I attended recently
Finished this country quilt Terrible photo
A day trip to the Cranbourne Australia gardens
Great place to spend a day
My No 1 grandson and I at the wedding

Tablecloth for Mum for Christmas

Have more to show but will leave them for another day
Hopefully not in the too distant future

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Christmas is coming

Last night I once again joined with Wendy and friends for a night of stitching
Very pleased with what I achieved I made up a complete Advent Calendar
I was given the panel of pockets some time ago

In the past few days I have also made this quilt panel into a cot quilt for a new baby who will be joining our family around Christmas
Had a skin cancer taken off the back of my neck and have eight stitches
The Doc told me not to do to much with my arm for fear of splitting the stiches, so whats a girl  supposed to do but sew?
Hope everyone else had a great night too

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Whats Under The Machine for FNWF

Once again a fun night of Stitching with Cheryll and the girls
I managed a little bit of stippling on this country quilt
Wasn't feeling the best so had an early night
Think I may have had a migraine
Never had one before and I hope I never get one again It was not pleasant
Hope the rest of my friends had an enjoyable night

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

This N That

A while since I have done any knitting
Years ago I used to spin my own wool from my own sheep
As time went on none of my family wanted home spun stuff so I sold my wheel
Recently I was asked to knit some beanies
I had forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting them
Luckliy I had spun up some wool before the wheel went

I finished a quilt for my great niece Amelia
She will be 11 at the end of the month
Hopefully she will like her quilt
I did some modelling for the CWA
Quite enjoyed it
Got to wear some nice clothes
Unfortunately my photographer did something Know idea what and this was the only one that
turned out
It seems that the Lorraine's Flowers runner from my last post has gotten lost in the mail
So disapointing

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Last night I joined Wendy and cyber friends for a night of stitching I
I completed a Lorraines Table Runner for a friends 60th birthday
I already had the embroidery done so just had to put it together
Love this pattern by Fiona Ransley

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My special fat 1/4 swap gift

In the birthday swap the person to make a special gift for me was Julie from
The main gift was this beautifully decorated bag Gorgeous lace and ribbon and so beautifully stitched
Some lovely extras there as well
Thank you so much Julie
Loved it all
So cold here today
I can feel a stitching day coming on

Friday, September 1, 2017

My birthday

Once again I participated in Cherylls birthday fat 1/4 swap I asked for fabric suitable for stitcheries
Here are all the beautiful gifts I received and for the first time since I have been involved in this swap all the parcels were received by my birthday
Thankyou girls
I have been a bit remiss in thanking you all individually
Had a bit on my plate
Hubbys brother passed away and we had the funeral yesterday
Very sad
I will have to do a separate post to show the lovely gift I received from My special person as I cannot find the photo Have to do a new one and the camera batteries are dead

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fat Quarter Birthday swap

I have joined Cherylls fat 1/4 birthday swap once again this year
My special person to send a handmade gift to was Asta..... http://yarnsfrommysewingbasket.blogspot
Durrrr I forgot to take a Photo You can see the cushion I sent on her Blog

These are the gifts I sent to my Dear friend Wendy... Sugarlane quilts in the Christmas in July swap
A Christmas card hanger

A pattern holder for her Christmas patterns

A wreath

There were a few other goodies as well
You can see them much better over at Wendys
Pleased she liked what I sent
I have done a Christmas swap with Wendy before so a bit more challenging to come up with new ideas for this swap

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August FNWF

This is my progress so far on the Australia quilt
Looking good if I say so myself

Last night when I sewed along with Cheryll and friends I worked on my Qld row
The Brahman bull and cowboy are my additions to this row

Off to see who else has upload pics of last nights effort

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Been a While

Well it has been a while
My computer decided to die
Finally got the new one up and running It had been on a go slow so the new one is a joy
I joined Cheryll's Christmas in July swap So far have not seen any one post about it
Anyway these are the lovely gifts I received from Jan Little red hen blog
Thanks Jan
I cannot show yet what I sent in this swap as my partner has not let me know she has received her gift Australia post tracking tells me it has been delivered
I know she has a bit on her plate at the moment so will Iam sure hear from her when she has time
One thing about having no computer I got a bit of stitching done
Progress on my Australiana quilt and have done more of it
Need to upload a few photos
Hubbys birthday today and we have been out for tea

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trying my new machine for FNSI

I treated myself to a new sewing machine
My old one was getting a little tired
Last night I got to  try it out when I joined Wendy and friends for FNSI
First I ironed down my applique for my NSW block in the Australiana row by row
Then I put this together to try the new machine
It will become a chair pad for the dining room chairs
Very happy with the new machine
Looking forward to getting to know it better

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Joined Cheryll and Cyber friends for a night of stitching
Nice and warm by the fire
I did some stitching on my Row by Row Austrailiana block of the month
This is block 3
This is my first two blocks put together
My little dog seems to be a little better but still losing hair
Hope you all had a good night last night

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Unwelcome Visitor

This mangy fox has been hanging around our house and now my poor little dog has caught the mange
She is so unwell and her hair is falling out in great tufts despite treatment
Lets just say this nasty fox will not spread the mange any further
Have been doing a bit of reading
Just finished Talk of The Town by Rachael Johns
Enjoyed it and could relate to it in a couple of ways
Have joined Sues Australiana Row by Row Block of the Month
Photos to come
Not much else happening

Saturday, April 22, 2017

FNSI and a Finish

I have had Tea Cup Teddies finished for quite a while now but my computer crashed and I had to work out once again how to post photos
I hate when computer stuff changes Iam so not computer literate
Any way I have worked it out now (Hopefully)
Loved making this one Another of the lovely Michelles designs
Thanks my friend

I got some stitching done on my Christmas quilt
The book was a gift from another lovely lady Maria Life on the Block
Maria sent the book to me when I was recovering from my knee op
Lost my sewing urge at the time, so very pleased to have finally started it
Thanks Maria

Friday, March 31, 2017

Easter Treat Bags

I have been busy making little bags for Easter gifts
Started by making this one for my niece to give to her God Daughter
She refused to part with it, so I made another one for her Well actually still making it

Then I made three more for some special little girls I know
Still got two to go
They are quite cute and fun to make
Can you pick the Michelle Ridgeway design taken from her Calendar bears pattern?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A couple of little finishes

My GD had to move away for work
She asked me to make her a few things for her new home

I think she will be pretty happy with them

My computer crashed
I hate how everything changes and now I have to work out how to do things the new way

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Initial Heart Swap

I was partnered in this swap with the lovely Kerrie from Channelbank creations
I just adore the heart she has made for me and in my all time favourite colour too
There were also some sewing novelty buttons and mm and ms

Kerrie and I have been partnered in quite a few swaps now, so we have gotten to know each others tastes
I sent this crazy patchwork heart to Kerrie
Thanks Kerrie and Thanks to Cheryll
Once again a great swap
I have been having some more leadlight lessons with my friend Mary

Quite pleased with my creations

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What I sent in the Australia Day Swap

These are the gifts I sent to Kerrie Channelbank Creations Blog in the Australia Day Swap
A lollie bag full of lollies

 A rug for her mug The kookaburra was a Michelle Ridgway design
Cute Hey?

Incense and holder

Aussie tea towel and tea bags

Ugly fabric

And here are the gifts ready to send
Another fun swap