Thursday, January 20, 2011


A few siggies are still coming
I nearly have enough to start putting them together Dont really know what I will do with them as yet
I finally got around to working on something A start to my healing I hope
One of the girls in my quilting group found this quilt top in an Op Shop and gave it to me to finish We will donate it to a charity
Danielle helped me sandwich it yesterday and tonight I started quilting it
Will keep it simple Just quilt in the ditch It isnt very big so shouldnt take me very long
It is all hand stitched
I have to wonder why it has ended up in an Op Shop All the points match beautifully and obviously has been made with care

My thanks again to all you lovely Bloggers Iam slack in answering you all individually but I do apreciate every comment
Love you all
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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Life goes on but it will never be the same again
I have lost my best friend She was worried about me when she went so I know she wouldn't want me to be unhappy ,but it is so hard
400 people attended her funeral so that shows how highly she was thought of So many of the people there were former patients that she had looked after when she was nursing So many told me she went above and beond
Iam so proud
I was very blessed to call her my daughter
Thankyou to all who have left me messages I have read each one and they have helped tremendously in my grieving process
Iam sorry I have not answered you individually but please know how much your support has meant to me
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