Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A couple of little finishes

My GD had to move away for work
She asked me to make her a few things for her new home

I think she will be pretty happy with them

My computer crashed
I hate how everything changes and now I have to work out how to do things the new way


  1. Lovely projects for your GD...
    Yes I am putting off getting a new computer as it's a pain learning new things.. Good luck ..

  2. What a shame about your computer Illene; I afree, it's a pain to have to learn new stuff... good luck!
    Lovely items for GD, I hope she settles in ok.

  3. Lovely to have handmade things made with love go with you when you move away. It takes me so long to get my head around techno things I hate it when it changes lol!

  4. Great items for your GD just lovely :)

  5. Beautiful things for your grand daughter. Is always a bug challenge when the computer changes.