Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Christmas gift from My Cyber Angel

Just look at the gorgeous bag that came in the mail last week
Sheila Jane and myself did a little christmas swap and I got this bag from Sheila
I love it
Thank goodness it is a little cooler tonight Maybe we will get some sleep
Has been to hot to do much
I have mostly been sitting with Lorraine, since Jim went back to work, doing a bit of applique
She is feeling very ordinary and today when I took her to the Doctor they drained 2.3 litres of fluid from the lung
The worry is why she is making so much fluid
This is the third time they have had to do this procedure It is quite painfullPosted by Picasa
No wonder she has not been feeling on top of the world
Still havn't got to the bottom of the vomiting


  1. Oh what a lovely bright and cheery bag, such a versatile pattern that one...sheila has done an excellent job.Oh I feel for you all with the sudden heatwave-not nice for you at all.Sincerely hope they find the cause behind the fluid-sounds most uncomfortable for Lorraine indeed,cheers Vickie

  2. Lovely bag, and I do hope that they sort out the fluid on Lorraine's lungs. It sounds terribly painful. Thinking of you. Hugs

  3. Lovely bag you received! Much the same thing happened to my Sister as Lorraine, just before Christmas. They finally determined she had pneumonia and she is doing much better. They had to drain her lungs a couple of times too. I feel for you and especially what Lorraine is going through. You are in my prayers.

  4. I do hope they resolve Lorraine's fluid problem soon, and can prevent it from recurring.
    Sheila's bag is lovely!