Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two Lovely Days

On Tuesday I was blessed with a visit from one of my very favourite designers The gorgeous Michelle Ridgway
I was so thrilled to be able to show her a couple of her designs that I have stitched
She seemed pleased with what I had done with her design

She and Hubby are travelling in my area  and as they were going past my door they stopped for a quick morning tea
Thankyou both for taking the time
You made my week
 Enjoy the rest of your trip guys
Then yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Making the Australian Quilt expo in Melbourne
I only got one photo as I couldn't get my flash to turn off
This quilt was made up of thousands of tiny hexagons
So much Aussie quilting history


  1. It was so lovely to see you Illene. Love your Calendar Bears quilt....very chuffed to see it. Thank you for the delicious morning tea too. You spoilt us. How beautiful is that hexie quilt. Glad you enjoyed the show. We are here at Phillip Island so the boss is very have landed too...woohoo xx

  2. So lovely for you to catch up with Michelle. That quilt exhibition was amazing. Very inspiring.

  3. Wonderful you could catch up with Michelle and her hubby. That exhibition was wonderful wasn't it.

  4. how nice to have Michelle and hubby visit and enjoy morning tea with you..
    pleased you enjoyed the Quilt show. There are always sew many beautiful quilts to see.

  5. How nice to visit with Michelle and her husband. Glad you got to go to the quilt exhibition! That hexi quilt looks amazing.

  6. . How nice to catch up with Michelle and her husband.