Sunday, June 13, 2010

Would You like these bag handles?

I was given these thingys to make bags with
I have no idea how to use them so if any one would like them please let me know if you can use them
Owing to the weight I will have to limit them to Australian Bloggers only, otherwise the postage will be out rageous

Some more lovely siggys came in the mail over the past few weeks I have been slack in showing them
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  1. oh Illene a project jumped too my mind as soon as I saw them, happy to trade,cheers Vickie

  2. What unusual bag handles - they look antique...I wonder how one would attach them to, let's say, a crocheted or knitted bag?

    Those squares are lovely!

    Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. If I lived near you, I'd be over in a heartbeat to pick them up! :)
    I do think one is a bag handle. However, the others are for needlepoint bell pulls, I am quiet sure. We have one here that my mother in law made, if you'd like for me to show you. It's a long strip that has been needlepointed and you put the one at the top to hold it w/the 0 to hang from and the other goes at the bottom as a kind of weight/finish object.

  4. Hi Illene! I agree with Sandra...I think they are bell pull holders. They sure are beautiful! I have a bunch of purse handles I'm going to try to get rid of also. You just gave me the idea to put them on my blog to see if I have any takers.

    Love your blocks!



  5. I love your siggies...I need 14 more and I can make a quilt.

  6. Hello Illene,

    Good luck with finding a home for the handles/bell pull holders. Love those siggies. Hope you have a great week. It is raining here today which is so good for the garden.
    Happy Days.

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