Sunday, July 4, 2010

School Holidays

Have had the Grandchildren here for much of the school holidays while their Mum is at work
The weather hasn't been the best so they have managed to entertain themselves inside
Poor Bella I think she will be happy when her life returns to normal
She is far to old for these games
The doll is mine She came to me when I was about four so that makes her about 56 years old
The cushion I made some time ago using a photo of Bella and the computer
I havent been able to do much on the quilt as it is a surprise for Bren's birthday
Will have to get stuck into it after the holidays
Time is running out

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  1. Poor Bella. They put up with a lot ah!!!

    Love your doll and cushion.

    Enjoy the kids. Hope it is better weather soon so they can play outside and Bella can rest. LOL

  2. Poor puppy! She's so good to put up with that! LOL Have fun with the grandchildren! :0)

  3. That Bella is very patient , good girl !

  4. Bella doesn't look like a happy camper.

  5. Oh, that second picture of little Bella walking away with those rabbit ears on is priceless! What a good sport she is!



  6. Soooo cute!
    School holidays, The gift that just keeps on giving!
    7 more sleeps....
    : )

  7. Ha, ha, ha....sorry for laughing, but that poor Bella! She's running around with those rabbit ears...I used to torment my animals when I was young by dressing them up. Especially the cats ran when they saw me coming ;-) The dog was a little more forgiving...the things we do for love.

    Fun post, nice pillow!

  8. Poor Bella! Although she does look cute in those rabbit ears! Hope the weather fines up for you so the kids can play outside for a while.

  9. Hello Illene, Bella is not a happy camper. I bet the grandkids are having fun. Hope you all have a great time together.
    Happy days.

  10. my kids have also been finding lots of indoors has either been wet or cold.........

  11. hmmm Bella is not looking too happy at all!Have fun with the grankids!!!

  12. Bella is tooooooooo cute! What a sweetie!

  13. Ah...... bless! What happy days though!
    My teenagers were pouring over a book of memories yesterday - "Oh I love that book." said a deep male voice of 16yrs!...... as I whipped up a cake for the 19yr old to take back to uni digs!.....
    Good on yer Bella for being so tolerant - bet she loves the attention really - and sleeps well!

  14. Oh, poor Bella. She reminds me of my poor old dog. Used to put up with the grandkids doing unspeakable things to him once upon a time. Now he's old and wily. He greets them enthusiastically then runs off and hides under the house where they can't reach him!
    Love your doll and cushion!