Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I received my PIF gift from Terry today
Those of you who follow Terrys Blog will have seen this gorgeous bag there
And now it is mine I love it The colours are perfect and her workmanship is lovely
She also made me a siggy for my collection and she sent me some color catchers
She had mentioned them on her Blog I had never seen them before so she kindly sent me some
I went to Melbourne to see Lorraine yesterday
Stayed the night at my sisters house
Lorraine looked terrible Cant breathe without oxygen
The doctor came while I was there She said they hope her lungs will get back to the way they were before the OP
I certainly hope so or she will have gone through all this for nothing
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  1. I can never get used to seeing something I made on someone else's blog! LOL I'm glad it made it there safely and I'm so glad you like it! Hope things improve for your daughter too.

  2. Such a lovely bag! Isn't it so nice to get a nice surprise in the mail!?!?
    Saying a prayer for Lorraine...

  3. It is SO hard seeing your own 'child' suffering. Big hugs Illene.. With time I am sure Lorraine will even out, breathing wise, - she has been through so much, her body will take time to accept the intervention. My love and prayers still...

    The bag looks lovely, how nice to have such a pretty and useful gift.

  4. My love and thoughts are with you all and hope Lorraine gets better every day.

    Lovely PIF gift too.

  5. I hope things improve quickly for Lorraine. My thoughts are with you.

  6. My heart goes out to you Illene for Lorraine. I hope everything goes okay and she can breathe normally again soon. I love your PIF bag, it's gorgeous. Hang in there Illene - I will be thinking of you xx

  7. Lovely PIF gift!

    My prayers are with you and Lorraine.

  8. Hello Illene,thinking of you all. Glad you got something you admired.
    Happy days.

  9. So nice to receive something in the mail from Terry. I am so sorry that your daughter is having the problems, hopefully she will be better soon. It is wonderful that you can be with her. Thinking about you two. Carolyn

  10. sorry that your daughter is having problems, she will be better soon....my daughter had a kidney transplant.... and i thought what can i do as a mum
    prays to you

  11. My thoughts are with you and your family Illene....life really isn't fair at times...big hugs Khris