Saturday, July 6, 2019


I have been sadly lacking in motivation , but the past few weeks I seem to have got my MOJO back How exciting is that?
Last night was July FNWF with Cheryll and friends Where on earth has the year gone
Last night I did a little stitching on this Slowly getting there This will be a long term project

Then I sandwiched one of these tops that I whipped up in the last fortnight
Two weeks ago Hubby had to go into hospital for an  ERCP which was supposed to be a day procedure, but he had a slight bleed so much to his discust he had to stay over night 
He went in quite well and came out feeling very ordinary to say the least
Anyway I digress. The Hospital found me a bed for the night in Centenary House which is a Rotary sponsored project for patients and family 
What a great asset this is I had a lovely room with my own ensuite All the rooms have quilts on the 2 single beds
Talking to the manager she said they have a new wing with no quilts 
... So what was I to do but volunteer to make some
Here is where the motivation kicked in I had a purpose

July brings a spate of birthdays in our family so I made some cards

My niece is one of the birthday girls and has just bought a new house so I made her an oven mitt
The beds in my room at Centenary House


  1. Such a lovely blog. Glad to see you have your mojo back, your niece is a very lucky girl. Such generosity to make quilts for the hospital, l am sure they will be appreciated. Love your cards too. Hope Hubby recovers quickly never nice having to stay over.

  2. Do hope your Hubby is well again now.
    Sew good to have your Mojo back and what a great cause that you are making the quilts for ... such a fabulous room...
    The oven mitt is a great gift for your niece.
    The slow project is coming along nicely.

  3. Block 1 is coming along nicely...and its so nice of you to make charity quilts...xox

  4. What a very generous offer you have made to the hospital. The quilts will certainly be appreciated by many others. Sending healing wishes to your hubby and glad to hear that you have found your sewing mojo. Enjoy.

  5. Hope hubby is feeling better now! I love your pretty block. Lovely cards also. Your quilts will be so appreciated I am sure xx

  6. wow mojo did come back very excited! love what you have made. All the best for Hubby's recovery.

  7. Glad you found your mojo. Mine is still sadly lacking in the sewing machine part but i'm happy to hand sew/embroider. Love your projects & cards. I hope your hubby is well now. Hugs,xx

  8. Hope your hubby is all good now Illene. So good they found you somewhere to stay and lovely there are quilts on the bed. Good too your mojo has returned, having a purpose is always great motivation. Lovely block you are working on.

  9. What a lovely way to pay back for being able to stay overnight.
    Was there a certain size they wanted??

  10. I hope your husband is feeling better.
    How thoughtful of you to make the quilts.

  11. Hi Illene I have been commenting using my phone and have just discovered that for some reason it doesn't work,I am still travelling for a bit yet,so will comment when I have Internet.
    Oh I do hope your hubby is feeling much better now,and what a lovely thing for you to do to make the hospital some quilts for there bed,you have a beautiful heart Illene.
    Love all the beautiful work you do,well done my friend xx

  12. Wow, you got a lot done!! Love the patchwork cottage! xx

  13. It looks like you very quite busy yourself last Friday!
    How nice you were able to stay close to your husband, and in such a lovely room :-)

  14. Love those cards! Happy sewing. :)