Sunday, June 9, 2019


June all ready
When I sewed along with my cyber friends on Friday evening I stitched this small block
Iam starting "Girls Day Out"

A photo of the finished quilt

My friend Mary is doing a Quilt as you go These are her blocks laid out on the bed

Iam looking after Sam every second Friday now and loving it.
I took he and Mum shopping this week
Love this photo 
I still have not been able to get my notifacations working so please know that I do read and appreciate your comments


  1. Girls Day out is a lovely quilt - I'm sure you will enjoy doing it. I love your dinosaur too and Mary's quilt is looking great.... very precious picture of your Mum and Sam.... special memories being made...

  2. Sam's Dinosaur quilt is gorgeous - well done on the finish and I bet he absolutely adores it! Lucky you that you get to spend the time with Sam - and your Mum - lovely photo of them together. The Girls Day Out quilt is a beautiful one - have fun stitching it! Oh and you are right - your friend's blocks look stunning!

  3. Enjoy your new quilt project. Love the photo of the two "special people" together.

  4. I was stitching a girls day out quilt block too.
    Too funny... xox

  5. I can imagine how much Sam loves his quilt :-)
    I have Googled "Girls Day Out", it looks like a really lovely project to do.

  6. Any little boy would be lucky to have his own Dinosaur quilt. Love the photo of the inter-generational walker!

  7. Enjoy doing " Girls Day Out".
    Love Sams dinosaur he does too.

  8. Enjoy y9ur new project. Sma must love his dinosaur quilt, it is great. Lovely photo of your Mum and Sam.