Saturday, March 16, 2019

March FNSI Zipper Crazy

Since my friend showed me how to put a zipper in I have gone a bit crazy
Last Night when I joined Wendy and friends for our monthly sew in I whipped up two bags
The first one is passable but my second is much better
Last weekend I had a wonderful time in Melbourne for the annual LGS weekend
I have not been able to make it for the last three years so it was wonderful to be part of it this year
We dressed up for
the Games night which had an Alice in Wonderland theme
Visited Lucello's and had loads of fun
More photos to share but will leave them for another post


  1. Hi Illene wasn't it a great time in Melb it was so good to catch up with you again,you were looking fantastic,love your new haircut.
    Wasn't it fun seeing everyone dressing up,your cat eyes were spooky lol.
    I love the bags you have made and it's good to see you making more things with zips,you faced your fear ,good one you.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  2. Wonderful you made to Melbourne with your friends and had a fun time...
    Yourzipper pouches look lovely, I'm not a fan of doing zips either.

  3. Love your bags. That is lovely you made it to Melbourne for the stitching weekend & that you had a wonderful time. Hugs,xx

  4. Glad to hear that you had a great time with the others. Pretty bags.

  5. lovely zippy bags.... I need to do some soon. Great that you got to go to LGS and had such fun...

  6. Great work on the zippy bags.....I have zip phobia too! Looks like a grand time was had by all in Melbourne xx

  7. Brilliant, zips can be so challenging and fiddly, I avoid them if possible! Glad you had a wonderful time on your trip, lovely to catch up with all your stitching friends xcx

  8. Great to see you got to the sewing weekend and had a wonderful time. Love the zippy bags and weel done on conquering the dreaded zip 😊

  9. Beautiful bags, Ilene! They'll be handy for your next retreat, vacation, or whatever!

  10. LGS is always a buzz - love the bags