Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Visit to Cruden farm

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a bus trip to see the beautiful gardens of Dame Elizabeth Murdoch
Came home all inspired
Now if this rain would only stop I could get outside and make mine as lovely (you think?)
Not even getting much done in the sewing department
Had to do the tax today That would have to be my least favourite job in the whole world
Jim and Lynda have taken Lorraine for treatment the last two days Still very unwell Off balance and thick head
She is happy that the headaches have eased a little though
How she is going to get through this wedding I do not know

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  1. These grounds and house are superb! Glad you had a lovely day.

    To be rid of the bad headaches is good - positive news.
    One day at a time, baby steps..... but I do understand how awful, draining and downright worrying this is for you. To be the one experiencing it, like Lorraine, is different. Yes, dreadful and horrid but sleep is a great relief whilst healing gradually replaces the horror of treatment. Sometimes, those watching, suffer more torment than the patient... It is different, we cannot take it on for them and yet imagine - and grieve too!
    Hands tightly held across the seas Lorraine's mum - and the whole family. xxxxxxx

  2. Lovely day trip!

    How she'll get through? Because she has such a loving and supportive family. That alone makes her the richest woman in the world. Glad the headaches are easing for her, that's good news.

  3. I hope that Lorraine gets well soon. Glad that the headaches are getting better!

  4. fabulous gardens, a must visit.
    Carer's suffer more if diffently to those that have the treatment. Hang in there.

  5. Beautiful garden pics. Glad that Lorraine's headaches are better. We'll keep lifting her up for strength during this time. There is something magical about weddings--our wedding rehearsal was in the middle of a hurricane but the actual day arrived sunny and full of hope--just as Lorraine's will. Hugs to all of you.

  6. Hello Illene, I know what you are going through,big hugs coming your way. I am so jealous you went to Cruden Farm. I would love to go there one day. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Lucky you to have some rain. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. What a beautiful home! I can dream about living in such a place :) Just wanted to let you know your family has been in my thoughts. I hope you can feel the strength I am sending :)

  8. Hi there! Cruden Farm looks beautiful. It makes you want to run outside and start working in the garden. Kind regards, Anita

  9. Hi Illene, I would have loved to visit Cruden Farm....glad Lorraine's headaches are easing...
    You are in my thoughts and the beauty of Lorraine's Wedding will carry you through...Love and Hugs Lyn