Friday, October 9, 2009


I just cannot believe how lovely the people out there in Blogland are
The love and support that has been shown to me in the last week has been truly overwhelming
Thankyou so much
Yesterday I received a surprise package in the mail from Lyn at Bluebird Quilts Just a little gift to say she was thinking of us at this terrible time and to show her support
I received two gorgeous pieces of material and a cutesy angel dolly peg
But not only that , the lovely lady sent the most beautiful brooch with the hope Lorraine will wear it on her special day
She certainly will
Lyns beautiful gifts made us both cry Thankyou so much Lyn
We are so grateful to you allPosted by Picasa


  1. I am a stranger to you and I don't have a blog but my coz/adopted sis, sent me so I have been thinking so much about your daughter and the whole family unit.
    The beautiful gifts made me cry too. So much love and positive thought to hold beneath and support you all.
    With very best wishes, thoughts and prayer. From UK.

  2. Dear Illene, glad you liked my cheer me up pressies....sometimes words are not enough....and hope it brightened your day.....hugs lyn

  3. It's amazing isn't it that we can make friends in such far away places that really care. We are part of a very unique community here in blogland. How nice of Lyn to send you these lovelies! Hope you are holding up well.

  4. We're right beside you - trying to give you strength through the cyber lines! What a sweetie Lyn is - the gifts are so beautiful!

  5. Those are really nice gifts! Blogland makes the world go around a whole lot nicer! We are not as alone as we think! I am posting the tutorial link for the threadholder pincushion that I made for Shiela. If you do decide to make it let me know! I think that they are so cool and useful and they are perfect for when we do applique work!


  6. What lovely gifts, and so glad that you got them! Enjoy them all!

  7. Hugs alround. That broach is just beautiful. Lyn you did a great job with the little dolly.Have a wonderful week.

  8. Quilting has kept my feet on the ground many times over the past few years. When I was dealing with my Mom passing away and my DH's health issues, I was so glad to have something to keep my hands busy. Bad news is always hard to bear and you have plenty to deal with these days. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. Prayers and thoughts are winging your way.