Friday, July 23, 2010

More siggies and lorraines op

Here are my latest siggies
Still need a few more before I can put them together
The draught horse quilt is finished well in time for his birthday next week
It is big so I am going to get someone to hold it up for me to get a good photo
Lorraine had her Op yesterday in Melbourne
Just spoke to Jim
She is still in Intensive Care and feeling sick , but she often feels sick, and the pain is manageable at the moment
Iam off to walk her dogs shortly
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teresa said...

Can't wait to see your draught horse quilt! Sending you lots of best wishes to you and Lorraine and hope she is feeling better soon. Hope all went well with the op. xx

Vickie said...

oh wow congrats on finishing the quilt , I am sure it will be well loved...Hugs & well wishes to you all on Lorraines Op..I pray the sickness passes and the pain lessons over time,cheers Vickie

Jules said...

That is positive news re Lorraine, Illene. ;-D So pleased - will continue to hold in thought and prayer.

Those siggies look good. Look forward to quilt picture.

Cyndi said...

Illene, I don't know a lot about quilting, so could you explain to me what a siggie is? I do know that they are cute!

So happy to hear that Lorraine's Op is over. I'll be lifting her up in prayer and asking for relief from her pain and sickness.



P.S. Oh, and I, too, am looking forward to seeing the draught horse quilt!

Terry said...

Glad to hear Lorrain'e surgery went well. There's another siggie block on its way to you. I sent it off on Wednesday! :0)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

What a nice collection you have going on. They are sure fun to receive and give! Carolyn

Maria said...

Lovely siggy blocks, Illene.

Hope Lorrine is feeling better soon.
Enjoy your walks.

Jill said...

That siggy quilt construction is going to keep you busy Illene! Hope Lorraine is feeling better. Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, I hope Lorraine picks up thoughts with you all...hugs lyn

Loralynn said...

I hope Lorraine will be feeling better soon.

Bev C said...

Hello Illene,
Can't wait to see the draught horse quilt. Best wishes to Lorraine.
Happy days.

Margaret said...

This is the first time I have been able to get on to your site for a long time, the p.c. used to have a hissy fit. Like all you siggies I have stopped and I am taking my time putting them together. I put another 1/4 on each side to make them about 8 inches across. What are you going to do ?