Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My hubby just loves to go to Garage Sales Auctions Clearing Sales Trash and Treasure
You know the sort of thing I mean One mans trash is another mans treasure
He often finds "treasures', for instance the lawn mower I have been using for a number of years, he bought at a farm Clearing sale for $2.00
He bought it home,spent a couple of days working on it and it now works a treat
I don't usually let him go to these things without me because I never know what he will bring home( and sometimes I even find some goodies myself)
Last Sunday I was busy so he took our two grandsons to an auction
He brought Anthony a printer which is not compatible with his laptop and some huge speakers His Mum was very impressed NOT
But look what he came home with for me
An antique pool table, a new TV cabinet (which is actually very nice except our video and DVD wont fit in the spaces so they are perched on top
And lastly all these lovely indian statues for my garden
The bottom picture shows my cowboy and indian that are there already
Now they will have company The indians can have a powwow
Actually I do like them and Im sure will look very nice when I get them sorted

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Loralynn said...

Looks like your hubby had a great day thrifting!

Jules said...

Fantastic finds! Oh I love a good rummage or junble sale.
The garden ornaments reminded me of a time we kept losing plants from our porch - and little ornaments. It seems a lady runner was also a kleptomaniac... One day the police rang to say they had a huge open day planned and would we go to see if any of our things were there. It was hilarious, we queued with dozens of other people and finally it was decided to let us all in together. Amazing! A massive display of plants in pots, hanging baskets, garden ornaments etc. I took photo's along to claim my pots, which were all there! No little ornaments were mine but it seems the police found the lady's house stacked room after room with these plants and pots and other garden items. Quite sad really but we all excitedly pounced on our belongings with glee! It was a jaw dropping sight and no-one knows how she managed to lift some of them,let alone carry them home. Glad your happy purchases have found a welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Illene, just love rummaging around myself in junk/antique shops...hubby found some good finds for you...hugs lyn

Bev C said...

Hello Illene,congratulations on your husbands buys. He did do well. Love Jules story about the plants as well. Have fun playing pool.

Anita said...

Oh Illene, I know what your husband is up to....he's training the grandchildren up so they will keep the 'just off to the auction' tradition going!!! My husband is like that, he's a little petal! Have to be honest, I love rummaging myself. Kind regards, Anita