Saturday, August 17, 2019

August FNSI

August FNSI already
Where has the year gone I keep asking I know
Last night I once again worked on Girls Day Out
Finished this one (not all last night, but finished it last night)

Then started on this one
I have come to the conclusion that I fail at tracing
Anyway I guess they will look ok in the big picture
I also fail at photography Lol
All good All in all I am happy with the results


  1. Illene your blocks for Girls Day Out and stitching up beautifully ...
    Sometimes we are a bit hard on ourselves...XXX

  2. Gorgeous stitching. They look sooooo pretty.

  3. The blocks look wonderful, I think your tracing is fine.

  4. I love the look of the appliqued fabrics mixed in with the embroidery. Very nice!

  5. Hi Illene beautiful blocks my friend,i think you are too hard on your self ,your tracing looks fine to me,hope you have a lovely day xx

  6. Friday night seems to be the night for stitcheries!!! Love them x

  7. Very nice work - looking great. xx

  8. Girls Day Out is coming along nicely... looks great... xox

  9. Your blocks look lovely and there is no such thing as a fail, just and opportunity to learn. I am lookingi forward to seeing progress of that quilt.