Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Not much sewing happening at the moment
I smashed my finger just over a week ago
Was helping Hubby shift some rocks in the garden and I lifted one that was to heavy for me and managed to jam my ring finger between two of them Aparently I degloved it
Two hours at the Medical centre having it stitched
I got the stitches out on Monday It still looks a mess but is healing nicely

Since I haven't got any sewing to show I will let you see my attempt at Easter decorating
Unfortunately my Comment notifacation has gone again and I cannot seem to get it back Will keep trying but if I don't reply to you then you will know why
I do love to get comments


  1. oh darn...isn't it annoying when you damage your hand / wrist /arm....much rather a leg or foot!
    get better quick!

  2. Oh no....hard to stitch with a sore finger, hope it gets better soon.

  3. Oh no, that looks painful, hope it heals very soon, frustrating when you damage your hands and can´t stitch xcx

  4. OUCH!! That sounds very painful Illene. Hope it heals quickly for you. Your Easter decoration looks lovely.

  5. Ouch indeed! My eyes are watering just reading your post. Here's to a bit of speedy healing for you. Happy Easter Illene xx

  6. Ouch!!! degloving sounds horrid..... do hope it heals soon..
    lovely Easter decorations..

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