Sunday, January 20, 2019

January FNSI

Sewing with friends is always fun
Thanks to the lovely Wendy for hosting
I achieved quite a bit but cannot show as SHHH it's a secret
So I will show you my rose instead
I was gifted this rose on the passing of my daughter
I can honestly say it never stops blooming

My neighbour has been doing Diamond painting. which I have been admiring, however I do not want to start another hobby (no room in my craft room for anything else)
Yesterday I found this owl going really cheap at a Garage sale
I just had to have him
He is all glittery and sparkly
I love my bling


  1. Love your rose bush, it's glorious. The owl is lovely. Hugs, xx

  2. Such a pretty rose and how lovely it blooms all the time.. XXX
    Cute Owl.

  3. What a pretty rose. Love your new owl.

  4. Your special rose is just gorgeous and obviously those blooms are there to ease your heart xxx love your very cute owl!

  5. A gorgeous rose Bush...there's nothing quite like a bit of bling.

  6. Hi Illene ,hmm wonder what your secret sewing is lol. Love the rose bush and how special that it keeps flowering for you,i also love the owl and yes i am like you and not taking on any more new crafts,lol xx

  7. A very special rose bush indeed and such a pretty pink xx

  8. Love that rose bush, the owl is very pretty too.

  9. haha yes it's frustrating when you are busy sewing but cant share it on your blog! The rose bush is beautiful, a great memory bush for you.