Thursday, December 18, 2014

Opening Day

Well today was the day we have been waiting for with much anticipation
The day our lovely swap Mumma Cheryll said we could open our gifts in the Santa Sack Swap
My gifts came from Kerrie of Channel Bank Creations
All of my beautiful gifts

A close up of my folder cover MM Recipes I think

Beautifully appliqued tea towel. a skinny pin cushion(which I had admired on her Blog) A purse pattern and a lovely scarf There was also a beautiful mug and a lace hanky
Soap and another tea towel

Thankyou so much Kerrie Love it all


  1. Kerrie has sent you some lovely gifts, Illene.

  2. Pleased you like them all Illene - we have opened ours but my camera isn't working - should have it back tomorrow so will take the pictures and do the post over the weekend - Karah loves her little gifts!!

  3. Such wonderful gifts. Another great event.

  4. Beautiful gifts form Kerrie and Karah. Such a fun swap...

  5. Nice haul of loot
    I hope you had FuN again.
    Merry Christmas xox