Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Help Please. Blogger is not playing nice

When I sign into my dashboard, usually I get all the posts from friends Iam following show up
All of a sudden only one post is showing from whoever posted last and when I press View all nothing happens
I hate this computer!!!


  1. My friend Leeanne (quiltmekiwi) has posted today with the same question. I can't help either of you sorry as I read my blogs through bloglovin'.

  2. I've just looked at mine and it's doing the same. Perhaps try back later and it may be back to normal. Perhaps they are working on something.

  3. Hi Illene mine is doing the same I think we are now supposed to go through one of the other ones like blog login or feed ly,I think this is what they warned us was going to go,I have lost quite a few blogs now because of this as I haven't followed them all on blog login,good luck.xx

  4. it will be Mr Blogger - that is why I have a long blog list on my blog . . .