Friday, February 7, 2014

Initial Heart

My beautiful Initial heart arrived today from Nanette
I have just met Nanette and look forward to getting to know her better
You can visit her at
The photo does not do it justice It is full of beads and lace and is just gorgeous
Iam partial to a bit of bling
I sent to Nanette in this swap She has not as yet opened her gift so I cannot show what I sent
Have joined Cheryll and friends for a Friday night of stitching so best be off to do some


  1. Nanette does beautiful work (I know as we were partners in the Santa Sack Swap). I love it!!

  2. Love your heart! Perfect for the month of February , happy Quilting, Illene :-)

  3. oh Illene this is gorgeous,lucky you and how lovely that you got to meet Nanette,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend,xx

  4. I'm so pleased you like your heart Illene, I love cq so had lots of fun making it. I'd better get to and update my blog after having a long's hard to get back into it but if you're all going to be visiting ...please...I should make sure there's something current there. I've opened my gift from Illene, a beautiful and practical pattern folder, but I'm going to keep quilt blocks in it for now. Thanks all for your kind comments about my heart and *waves* to Kerrie :)

  5. Its beautiful!!! WOw you are one lucky gal! :)