Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maggie's Angel Quilt

 It was a wet cold miserable day ,so  what is a girl to do
Sew of course
I finally finished Maggie's Angel quilt
Hope to catch up with her next week to give it to her
My grand daughter saw it and admired it then asked if the random butterfly was to cover up a mistake
She knows me well but not this time
Maggies Mum was Lorraine's step DIL and good friend
Bec always says butterflies remind her of Aine and when she gives me a gift it usually has one involved, so I just had to put one on the quilt
Incidently It was cut from a shirt of Lorraine's
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  1. Oh what a beautiful reason to add the butterfly to the quilt. Big Hugs Illene.

  2. Very nice to read about the butter fly fabric. Congratulation to have finished the quilt,Illene:-) I have come as far as collecting fabrics. One day I hope to make this lovely quilt too.

  3. wow Illene very nice,well done on a beautiful finish.xx

  4. Its a lovely quilt - and the butterfly is just the right finishing touch.

  5. A beautiful quilt for Maggie. Love the idea of the butterfly especially as it is made form one of Lorraine's Shirts How sweet.

  6. A beautifully finished quilt! Looks fantastic.

  7. Lovely quilt.... looks beautiful and I love the reason for the butterfly.. makes it extra special...

  8. What a gorgeous quilt Illene, and a wonderful addition of the butterfly. Truly special x