Saturday, August 25, 2012


Posted by PicasaThe sewing I have completed of late has been secret stuff , so thought I would show you my daffodils . which have been lovely
So windy today they are now laying over
I have been asked by a friend to make something for the local hospital to keep plastic tubing in
I know what they require and can make it for them
Only thing is they want plastic pockets so the tubing can be seen
I have never sewn plastic and wondered if anyone can advise me
Someone said it requires a special needle
Any advice, greatly apreciated


  1. Your daffodils look lovely. I bought a beautiful binch on Friday..

    I have sewn plastic pockets on a sewing kit and didn't use a special needle but it did need replacing when I finished...

  2. Your daffodils are so pretty! :0)

  3. the daffodils look wonderful ........sorry no tips for the plastic sewing.....

  4. Hi Illene... your daffodils are just beautiful. Such a pretty, happy flower. I have sewn the clear plastic before and didn't do anything different or use a different needle.. I just sewed a bit slower and so much more carefully. I did change my needle afterwards as well. You will be fine x

  5. Be happy with your beautiful,sunny coloured daffodils!
    Love the way you have placed your pictures:-)

  6. gorgeous Dafs.. they are lovely ... lots of secret stuff around blogland...