Sunday, October 16, 2011

This N That

My spring garden is showing lot's of colour

I thought I had lost this clematis It was just a little brown twig' then lo and behold ' these gorgeous flowers appeared

Today it has been blowing a gale. I hope I still have some flowers left

I made a couple of cards

And finished another Charity quilt

Friday night I attented my nephews Debut ball I think these days it is called a Presentation ball A fun night

I have lots of photos and He wants me to Scrapbook it for him

It is always nice to have a special project to work on

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  1. Your charity quilt looks awesome!

  2. Love your charity quilt!!! Your cards look great and that clematis is beautiful!!!

  3. Your clematis is so pretty! I can't wait for mine to bloom again next summer! :0)

  4. It's lovely in your garden and some great cards!
    How nice, that your nephew asked you to make a scrapbook for him. So special for a boy, I think!
    Have a lovely week.

  5. Isn't it wonderful when nature surprises us,the quilt looks so good.

  6. Hello Illene,

    Just love your Clematis.
    Happy scrapbooking.

  7. You have keep busy with making your lovely cards and great charity quilt.
    Hope your flowers were okay after the winds.

  8. thats a clematis isn't is...........beautiful anyway........nice cards.....

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous! Lovely work on your cards and quilt!

  10. Oh that clematis is beautiful - no wonder you are pleased it survived. The charity quilt is lovely too,good on you for making it.

  11. Lovely Clematis! So pretty. Your charity quilt ia a delight and cards very professional ( which is more than can be said for my spelling! )lol. The scrapbook idea sounds a lovely project to work on.
    Enjoy Spring........ jules

  12. Hi Illene,
    Oh, what pretty pictures you have here with your garden, cards and charity quilt.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Creative hugs,