Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Grandchildren have been here off and on over the past two weeks School holidays
They go back to school tomorrow
It is quiet here tonight
Didnt get much of anything done while they were here
We had a lot of fun though
Lorraine is still unwell Breathing is bad
Tomorrow she has to go to Melbourne to start another round of a new chemo drug
She is slowly running out of options
Iam amazed at how well she handles her situation Always a bright cheery smile
Her Hubby is taking indefinate time off work
We all try to help where we can
Thankyou all for your thoughts and prayers
I don't always get time to answer you all but do know I apreciate each and every message
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  1. What a lovely scene - the chooks going about their business! I am sorry your daughter is so unwell - it must be so hard for you. Thank you for visiting my blog - I haven't posted much lately but I can always rely on you to leave a nice comment.
    My daughter looks like becoming a Victorian - she fell in love with a boy from Gerang at Mt Hotham, went to Canada with him and again this season at Hotham. Now she is moving to Melbourne. I'm happy that she's happy but sad that she won't be here in Adl. I only have one daughter - oh well guess I will be visiting Mel a bit - hopefully I can meet you in person one day. Jill xx

  2. Lovely tranquill scene with the chooks just scratching in the backyard.
    Lorraine is a very brave young lady.My thoughts and love are with you.
    Hugz Maria

  3. Glad you had time to enjoy the grandkids. Sorry things are no better for Lorraine. She's an amazing young woman. She must get that from her mum! Hugs! :0)

  4. I truly hope that Lorraine is well soon, but so glad that you are enjoying your grandkids.

  5. What a wonderful usband loves loves chickens...and he sure misses them. It looks like you have a great place for the grandkids to come and enjoy!

  6. Hope Lorraine's new chemo drug works for her. Thinking of you all. Hugs

  7. Just brightened by a visit to your blog - love chooks! Nearest we get are some living near us - at least we get nice eggs every week!

    It is often worse for those surrounding a sick person - your description of Lorraine's smile warms the heart. I do wish her well in the next round of her battle... ((((((BIG HUGS)))))) Many thoughts. x

  8. Hello Illene,

    A lovely tranquil photo of the chooks.
    Love and prayers.
    Happy Monday

  9. Love the picture of the chickens! How nice you got to spend some time with your Grandchildren. You are creating life-long memories for them and that is priceless! As always you and Lorraine are in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Your picture brings back memories of when I lived on a farm and had chickens and I wish I could do it again. I'll be praying for you and Lorraine.

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