Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jess' 18th Birthday

Thought I'd share a family photo with you Taken at my neices 18th birthday party last Saturday night
Some family members managed to avoid this photo My Mum and son in law actually
Pictured are myself and hubby,2 Grandsons ,brother in law, youngest daughter ,nephew,,and in the front my sister then the birthday girl and my grand daughter
We had a great night
My elder daughter rang last night She is having a wonderful holiday and they are now slowly making their way home She has to be back for scans on the 27th Her health is holding up fairly well aparently

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  1. Lovely photo, glad you all had a great time. I am pleased your oldest is doing well. xxx

  2. What a nice picture! Your Granddaughter is lovely! I'm glad to hear that your Daugher is doing well, the trip may be just what she needed! My Sister is holding steady too. No improvement, but no progress either. The Doctor says that's good. There are supposed to be some new drugs available within the next year or two. Hang in there!

  3. Prayers for your daughter. I am excited that at least some one has braved coming over to win my little Hawaiian pin cushion. I saw it at a store nearby that has HI quilts as well (they are found everywhere - some shops are quite pricey and others not so much) that I may do a giveaway on for my first year blog anniversary. I have read your blog all the way through. It's quite lovely and your needle talents are wonderful. I hope that I can do as well one day . . . I have to get over my fear of my sewing machine first! Okay, I have to unpack first! But, some day I'll be able to do more than straight stitches. :) I'm going on 40 and it's about time I do these kinds of crafts.