Saturday, October 18, 2014

FNSI and help me Please

Once again, last night I enjoyed, well maybe not enjoyed,  got frustrated is probably more apt,when I joined Wendy and friends for another Friday night get together
I prepared this block for applique and once again my applifex would not stick, hence the pins
So annoying
Please How do you store your fusible web and for how long?
I must be doing something wrong
This particular brand came with the assurance it would not separate
Well guess what? It did
Any advice would be appreciated
Will probably not get back to see what the rest of you got up to until tomorrow
Going partying tonight


Jo said...

I put mine in a post pack tube with those little sachets of gel. The ones you get in handbags and shoes to absorb moisture. And make sure you don't use steam

Christine M said...

What a nuisance. I use vislofix and keep it in a post pack tube too. I've had it quite a while, maybe 2 years, and haven't had any problem.

Kaisievic said...

How annoying for you, I too use Vliesofix and have had little or no trouble.

Susan said...

The postal tube is a popular recommendation. I cut mine into strips and wrap it around the tube from a cling wrap packet and keep the tube inside the box and in a cupboard.
I don't usually have a problem - although if its old (years I mean) it will sometimes separate).
I have a friend who cuts hers into large pieces and keeps it flat under her cutting board.
I think keeping it out of the light helps.
goodluck...pretty block

shez said...

Hi Illene it is supposed to be rolled and not in a damp place.xx

Narelle said...

I was told it needs to be kept airtight and something to do with the moisture in the air. I just keep mine wrapped in plastic but I like the idea of a postal tube too.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I had the opposite problem the other week when it wouldn't come away at all and ruined all my nicely cut out pieces....wasn't old either. So back to needle turn I went. So I am no help sorry! The work you have done looks lovely Illene.

Helen said...

Lovely work Illene, sorry not much help here I agree with all the above.

Leanne said...

Lots of good tips there, hope one of them works, I always roll mine up and keep in away from direct sunlight. Lovely project though.

Maria said...

Nice little project you have been working on Illene.

Yep I also use visor lex and store in PostPay. Have no probs..

Enjoy your party?

Maria said...

Illene,I use Applifix or some name like that and it's started to split from the backing even though I keep it in the tube it came in.(probably had it for 3 years now! as it was a lot of fusible in the tube) If I'm careful, it still irons on the back of the fabric ok and then peels off when I want to iron the shape on the background.

barb's creations said...

I use vlisofix as well and it's pretty good it only separates if I don't use it over a long time so I usually just buy what I need at the time and try not to store too much of it at any one time :) Barb.

Anthea said...

I'm a vlisofix Illene & never had any troubles with it... so sorry to read about your woes, I hope it can be remedied easily & it's not damaged your work...
I know that some of these products are a bit fragile when it comes to exact temp of iron & also the pressing time... sorry I'm not much help... good luck!

Anthea said...

that's "vlisofix fan"

Bev C said...

Hello Illene,

I would take it back to where you are getting it from as this shouldn't happen.
Good luck with your project.

happy days.