Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I finished the Charity Quilt that my friend found at the Op Shop Quite pleased with it
Bev over at Kainga Happenings is calling for posts on Op shop or Garage sale finds, so thought I would share a funny story with you
My friend Kathy is full of bright ideas and she decided we should have a stall at a local market to try and sell some of our crafts
I relunctantly went along Pictured below is one of the first things I made when I started quilting
I didnt know about reverse applique so Santa looks a bit funny
As it was my first applique I have always put him out at Christmas
I decided I would take the runner to the market along with a few other bits and peices
Sadly we never sold a thing when along comes an 80 year old I know ,Who asked how things were going
She must have felt sorry for me because next thing she hands over $10.00 and took my Santa
Some months later I was in the local Op Shop and there hanging with all the Christmas stuff was my runner
I bought him back for $1.50

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Helen said...

Great story! great quilt!

As my boy became older, I would pack up some toys and donate to our Kindy fete. I thought I had left it long enough but sadly at one fete he came running up to me with a look of great joy on his face... look Mum, I bought all of these army men for 50 cents - imagine my look as it was the bag of army men I had donated! Following this incident, I made sure I donated the toys to an Op shop, as he rarely visited any of those!

Barb said...

What a sweet story but to end up in a retail store....she must have really had a sweet heart...and glad you got it back...lucky you.

Pauline said...

That's a great story. You sure know how to turn a profit!!

I think your Santa is cute!

Maria said...

How sweet of the lady to have bought your runner.See you were not meant to sell him.LOL

Jules said...

A well travelled Santa who was meant to return home - what a lovely story.

I started painting many years ago and painted a picture of mountains! Well, they were meant to be mountains but in truth resembled slag heaps of a coal mine! LOL

Waste not want not, I sent it to a jumble sale - where it was promptly purchased by my then young son and brought back home!

Some things are rather like boomerangs... lol x

Dawn said...

Funny for him to stay home for good...and for the holiday you made $8.50...LOL
Hugs Dawn x x

Cyndi said...

Ha ha, what a great story, Illene! And I was going to say the same thing as got to keep your Santa after all and made $8.50 to boot! I personally think he is adorable! :o)



Dianne said...

I love your Santa runner story, so glad you got him back. Really cute.
That quilt is so effective, and I wonder why people would sent it to the op shop. If they didn't like it, they could finish it and give it to a worthy cause. Have a great weekend. Dianne.

Loralynn said...

Great finishing the quilt! Santa obviously wanted to give you a gift (the sale of the runner) but he really wanted to live with you!

Micki said...

That was a wonderful story! I enjoyed reading the post so much!

rozhearts said...

A really beautiful story and I agree with all the other comments he was really meant to live at your house but what a generous friend to want to help you out in the first place.
(((HUGS))) Roz.

Bev C said...

Hello Illene,

The lady obviously didn't believe in Santa.
happy days.

teresa said...

I loved your story Illene. How wonderful you got him back.. you were never meant to part with him! You have made me smile today.. thanks so much xx

Margaret said...

That's hiliarious