Thursday, January 7, 2010

See what Im working on

Just a peek at the quilt Iam working on

It is for Lynda's friends new baby, when he gets into a bed

Iam using up scraps and a few panels I had in my stash Iam making it up as I go along
I have had the Grandchildren here most of the week which has been lovely,but not much sewing getting done
Danielle has been sewing a quilt for her dog That was before her brother came Once he turned up she didn't want to sew
Lorraine has still been vomiting every time she tries to eat She suggested to the Doctor maybe she had gallstones
Myself Hubby and Lynda have all had them
Sure enough the poor girl has one about an inch in diameter
Now the Docs are "not sure If that is the cause of the vomiting"
Mind you ,until she pushed for tests the Doctors were not coming up with any ideas
Anyway she is seeing the Doctor who deals with gallbladder problems next week
Iam quickly losing faith in the Doctors

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Lindi said...

I hope Lorraine's problem is resolved soon. Doctor's are so regimentally trained their thinking seems to stick in a rut. It's usually those of us that do the research and make suggestions - even demands sometimes - that get the best results. And they always get stuck on the major probelm. It's as if nothing else can occur once you have a major health problem. It all has to relate!
It was like that with Mum towards the end.

Loralynn said...

Sorry to hear about Lorraine, poor girl has been through so much.

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, love your little thoughts for you and Lorraine...good grief I really don't know at times...I think we know our bodies better than anyone else.....hope it will be resolved for Lorraine.....hugs lyn

Jules said...

Brilliant quilt, different and unusual, lots to look at.

Re Lorraine - yep, stones will make her very sick bless her. Hope this new Dr sorts it out, in the meantime you will have advised no fats or dairy,having had similar problems. This may be a turning point for her, lets hope so. x

Bev C said...

Hello Illene,love that quilt,just so lovely and bright. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy days to you and your family.

Vickie said...

lovely bright and plenty of visual just perfect for a child....well done..aww poor Lorraine..hope they remove the stone
and Lorraine gains some quality of life back-I can understand your faith in drs-diminishing but ther eis some good ones out there,it's just finding them is a challenge at times,cheers Vickie

Anita said...

Hi there Illene, Looks like you've been kept very busy with that quilt, and I just love the colours. Lovely and bright. A friend of mine told me ages ago, if you want to stay out of trouble, learn to do patchwork. That has been true and said, but I've still managed to find some trouble. LOL. All the best to you and your family. Kind regards, Anita.

teresa said...

Hi Illene, the quilt is perfect for a little one, almost like a large eye spy quilt! I hope Lorraine gets over this soon. My thoughts and best wishes are with you both.