Friday, January 1, 2010


A Happy New Year to all my Blogging friends I hope the year brings you all much happiness
Thought I'd share a couple more photos of our family day at the Prom
As always with kids there had to be at least one drama
Danielle managed to get a great big splinter in her toe She was on her way to shower after swimming She then proceded to shower before coming back to show us
Then she wouldn't let any one touch it So got it out herself
Yesterday was so hot here Well too hot for me anyway.Not like in WA where they are having bush fires and temps in the 40's

I started sewing a quilt for Lynda's friend who has just had a baby boy
Lynda wants me to do a boys quilt, not a baby one
At least it has got me motivated to do some more sewing Will show progress as it comes along
Once again All the best for 2010
I look forward to catching up with you all and perhaps meeting new people

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Anita said...

That splinter looks nasty. A gold star to anyone who has the courage to remove it themselves. Happy New Year to you. Kind regards, Anita.

Jules said...

Oooo ahhhh ooooo, that splinter..... But Danielle is a girl after my own heart, far rather do it myself! Well done bless her. Respect!

Nice pictures, happy plans, quilts are wonderful.

Very best wishes. Jx

Loralynn said...

Amazing that she took it out herself! Let's hope that this year brings us all better times!

Anonymous said...

Dear Illene, Happy New Year to you and your family...nasty dont feel like doing much in the hot least it is cooler now..hugs lyn

aubirdwoman said...

hot weather...uuuuug
Happy New Year

Micki said...

I wore a splinter like that so know what it is like. Happy New Year!