Thursday, November 12, 2009


Have I mentioned before that my Daughter rides a motor bike Thats how she and Jim met They were in a motor bike club
Isn't the cake lovely?
Now I would love to take credit for the lovely scrapbook pages but unfortunately I wouldn't know where to start
These pages are the work of my cyber angel and dear friend Aubirdwoman
Thanks Sheila They are gorgeous

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Vickie said...

what a perfect cake...aww well done Sheila them scrapbook pages looking delightful,cheers Vickie

Jules said...

The pics are lovely - very unusual but very fitting to have their joint hobby or interest displayed. I like it! The cake is fantastic.

I have been puzzling my poor little head having noticed the familiar - posted by s - etc. How did she manage to post on someone-else' blog? Clever little cyber queen that she is! Lol. Good, in'it?

Loralynn said...

What a cute picture of your Daughter on the bike! Love the contrast between her wedding dress and the motorcycle! Lots of people are going with less traditional wedding cakes now. I think they are cute! My best friend had the Simpsons on the top of her cake as they are huge's all fun!

aubirdwoman said...

ahhh motor bikes... a lass after my own heart.
lovely photos.
But what a cake.

Lindi said...

Perfect cake! Bet it tasted as good as it looked, too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Illene, loved the pics...and I was wondering whether you had done the scrapbooking...lovely job Sheila...Hugs Lyn

teresa said...

Such great photos.. Love the photo of them on the bike. The cake is fantastic and the scrapbooking pages are just beautiful. Wonderful!!