Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More photos

I gave my camera to my 15 year old nephew and told him to take a few photos
He took over 350 I promise I wont bore you with them all but will share a few over the next few days
We got home from Melbourne late this afternoon Hubby had his angiogram yesterday and stayed in Hospital overnight
They found one blockage in one artrie which is why he had been so breathless this past month
They put a stent in and think he will be ok
He has a family history of heart problems and apart from high blood pressure no other contributing factors
He has to take it easy for a couple of weeks
I'm guessing I will be doing a lot of nagging in that time
Lorraine went to Peter Mac today for scans and MRI's
She will have results on Friday They are looking to see if the radiation has done its job and if it has spread anywhere else
Looking at her its hard to believe she is so ill

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Vickie said...

Lorraine was absolutely glowing on her special day,fantastic that she was able to look so radiant, your nephew has taken some great pics for you all.Hoping hubby has some better days ahead-and yes you nag him..
Keeping fingers and toes crossed for good results from scans and mri's for you all ,cheers Vickie

Anonymous said...

The Sun Chose to Shine. Does the Nephew want a job.

Loralynn said...

Lovely pictures!

Janey said...

Illene, Beautiful photos, and I send my bestest wishes to the bride and groom. Thinking about you all in this difficult time. big cyber hugs from Janey xxxx

Lindi said...

Lovely photos! You all look so relaxed and happy. Perfect day!
Hope all goes well for Lorraine and your DH. :)