Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life is quiet

I havent posted in a while, simply because there has not been much of interest happening in my life
Don,t get me wrong I like it that way If nothing is happening it means all is well and Lorraine,s health is ok so that makes me happy
I haven't had many finishes either Have been doing some hand applique on my log cabin quilt which is one of my long term projects
With the lovely spring weather we are having I have been busy in the garden
Only exciting thing that has happened is that Lorraine and her long time partner have set a wedding date 7th of November which will be her 40th birthday It will come around quickly and things are falling into place nicely... re. plans for the big day


Loralynn said...

Quiet is good! Sometimes those are the best times! I could use a little more quiet in my life!!!

Please pass my congratulations on to your Daughter! I'm glad to hear she is feeling okay.

Anonymous said...

Yes quiet times are just perfect for recharging your batteries, getting your head back together and plenty of rest.
Congratulations to your daughter on her wedding, I do hope you post photos, I just love to see everyones pictures.
At least then I can say to hubby, my "invisible friends who type" have a face. Hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Illene, would love some of your quiet time at the moment...DD had a bad fall at work is like that heh...hugs lyn

Micki said...

Congrats to your daughter on her wedding. You will be very busy with all the planning.

Stacie said...

Congratulations to your daughter--wedding planning is so much fun! Enjoy these quiet times, there never seems to be enough of those.

aubirdwoman said...

I agree with everyone above. triplefold.

its good to be able to get out into the garden isn't it.

Bev C said...

Illene, Time in the garden is not wasted. Enjoy the planning stage of your daughters upcoming wedding. Happy days.

Vickie said...

oh wow yeah glad to hear of the upcoming wedding and that Lorraine is of good health..ah blessed are them quiet times for sure,cheers Vickie